Blogging with kids and internet security

Do you keep a blog? Are you worried about posting photos of your kids?

Rather than obscuring my kid's faces in the photos on my blog (too inconvenient), I've just decided to cover their faces with wig caps every time we go out.

Hee-hee. In all seriousness, what do you do? Do you change names and avoid photos? Or do you just put it out there?


  1. I say my sons name and post pictures of him. I haven't had any creepy comments--just a few spam comments. I'm sure I would think/feel differently if I did though. One thing I do to be safe is never post about doing something before or while I'm doing it. For example I never post about a vacation until we get back or I never say 'this friday we're going to the zoo'. Also nowhere on my blog does it say what suburb I live in though I do say I'm in Minneapolis.

  2. I never post current photos of my kids. That is just me. I see lots and lots of bloggers that so and I love visiting and seeing the updates.

  3. I don't post my kids real names, or mine either, for that matter. Those who know me, know, but otherwise those who don't can't track us down.

  4. WELL, funny you should ask. After much contemplation, I decided to make my blog private a few weeks ago. I had always been careful never to post specific locations of course, but after experiencing a touch of creepiness, I ultimately decided I would feel better filtering out potential crazies. I just went with my gut. Unfortunately it's one more step for readers to log in, but I hope it's worth the little inconvenience. I certainly don't mind logging in to read other private blogs! I look forward to reading the other viewpoints on this hot topic, thanks Mamas! :)


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