The "Yes" Jar

Have you ever had a day where you feel like all that comes out of your mouth is, "No."? I especially hate when my beautiful girl is repeatedly giving ideas for activities that are great, but not necessarily doable in that particular moment [we are headed out the door to a birthday party and it is "Mama, can we bake cookies?"... we have 10 minutes before bedtime and it is "Can we build the super tallest fort and read lots of books with a flashlight"... we are running late for preschool in the morning and sitting down to steamy bowls of oatmeal that need to be shoveled into our mouths faster than you can say "line leader" and I hear, "I know, lets make pancakes!"...].

I have learned of a great tool called a "Yes Jar". It is a place to store all those great ideas that just do not fit that moment so well. Write the ideas down and place them in the jar. Once per month, deem a certain day a "Yes Day", and pull out these great ideas and make space for Yes in your life.

Si, si, si!

Happy New Year, Mamas!!!


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