TALK BACK: What is your child's Native American name?

We've all played the "What's Your Porn Star Name?" game. Okay maybe just me. But I thought it would be funny do have a little fun at our own childrens' expense. Because I'm having one of those days where if I don't laugh, I just might cry. Again, maybe just me.

Soo . . .

Play along. If you had to name your child based on their characteristics right now, what would it be? Think Dances With Wolves, toddler style. I've been toying around with the following Native American names for my kids.

For India, I'm thinking

Prone to Tantrums

or maybe

Rapidly Cycling Moods

For Jafta, perhaps

Endless Questions With No Answers

or maybe
Noise That Keeps Moving

What about your kids? Come on. You know you have some ideas . . .


  1. Well, I'll have to think about the other two, but Ana's is definitely "Girl who leaves things behind"


  2. Ahh..let's see...
    Wild With Drama

    too early to think of names for the other two...I can almost come up with something for my middle child:)!
    -sandy toes

  3. Miles - Poops in the Tub

    Asher - Stumbles and Falls

    (so lame...I'm not very creative this morning, apparently)

  4. Chloe: "Responds with Sarcasm"

    {the Queen of talking back, eye-rolling, and door-slamming...I have no idea where she gets it! ;)}

    Chayse: "Spills the Milk"

    {last night he did so into one of those divided tray-style plates... we gave him a straw & made him drink it out of the sections that didn't mix with food...and told him he could now consider his potatoes to be potato soup}

    Camden: "Begs for Goodies"

    {would happily replace any meal for cookies and ice cream...I had to rearrange the panty last weekend so the Candy Cane Joe Joes and organic lollipops are now out of sight}

  5. Okay, here are mine:

    Logan :: Drama follows me like the wind

    Callen :: Overflowing with questions

    Mine :: Chasing after sleep

  6. Oldest boy: Sneaky Fox

    Middle girl: Squeals about Everything

    Youngest boy: Never stops Eating

    Fun post!

  7. My oldest is The Bug who smiles, and my youngest is The Puppy who howls.
    'Nuff said!

  8. We've long held that our oldest is, "Walks Into Walls." I think her sister would be, "Lacks Mute Button." Not sure about my son. Right now, his name would probably be either "Smiles Gets Way," or "Yes No Go Away." Yeah, he's at that age.


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