Talk Back: Stomach flu blues

We are down for the count! The stomach flu hit our home late Tuesday night, and it first tackled my 5 year old daughter. I was up all night with her, holding her hair. Then, it hit me on Wednesday morning. I cannot remember being this sick. Ever. I am reminded of what it feels like to be in that brutal part of morning sickness. But, this feels like morning sickness on crack. I just cannot shake it. And my daughter can not shake it. Neither of us can keep food down, and neither of us wants to eat. To say it put a damper on our Thanksgiving is putting it mildly. But, talk about being thankful for my husband who has been nursing us to health and caring for us with so much love and attention! I am also thankful that it hasn't hit him or my two year old son. (knocking on wood while typing and praying all at the same time that they remain healthy) We have had lots of movie time, computer time, sitting and staring off into space time...

So, in a plea of desperation, here are my "Talk Back" questions:

Do you have any remedies or tried and true comforts for dealing with the stomach flu? Any amazing websites that give good tips or information on fighting this fight?
How do you cope when you are sick and you can barely think about standing up to fill a sippy?


  1. Poor thing! I really don't think there are any remedies..TIME! Hang in there..brighter days are ahead!
    -sandy toes

  2. I know this goes against the going granola theme of this site, but if you or your daughter are in danger of dehydration there is a prescription drug that stops you from throwing up. My mom also swears that sipping on 7UP settles your stomach.

  3. ugh, I'm sorry! WOW. I don't know how people get through the day with kids when they have the flu! I've never experienced it yet.
    I'd definitely call for reinforcements! Not that people want to catch the flu, but I'll bet there are some loving people who might be willing to help? Ugh, I'm sorry.

  4. There's NOTHING worse than being a sick mama. A few years ago I had some stomach virus for over two weeks. I could no longer function as a mom! I finally went to Urgent Care, got a shot of something in my butt for the nausea, and it worked like a charm. It knocked me out cold {don't do this if your husband's not going to be home!} and the next day I was practically back to normal!

    On a preventative note, I strongly believe eating yogurt- GOOD organic yogurt with tons of active cultures- may prevent gasrtointestinal issues. Last winter, both my husband & I and the two older kids came down with a nasty stomach bug. But the baby, who eats yogurt every single day without fail, was totally resistant.

    Best wishes, it can't last forever!! :(

  5. My 4 year old started it last Monday, by Monday night, my 6 year old and husband started it, and by 3am it was my turn, luckily we were all back to normal in a couple of chips are the saving grace in our home they keep us hydrated and were the only thing we could keep

  6. My son used to get this a lot and would get so dehydrated that we'd have to take him to the ER for an IV. A nurse told me that after he had had about 2 hours of no vomiting and nothing to eat I shoud give him pepsi mixed equally with water. He's allowed to sip about 1 teaspoon every 15 minutes for a couple of hours. If he keeps that down he can start on crackers and drink more of the 'pepsi water' as we call it. It has helped to settle his stomach and kept us from that point of dehydration on more than one occasion! Hope this might be helpful!

  7. I have my husband put everything in reach so that Jafta can get things himself. Pre-poured sippies in the fridge, lunch laid out, etc. And I just stop caring that none of us are dressed. But it is THE WORST.

    When my kids are sick I let them drink Gatorade. It's nutrionally pretty close to Pedialyte but much cheaper, and gets them some quick calories and electrolytes. I agree that yogurt is a good preventative. I need to get back on that program!!

  8. What a bummer. I don't really have anything that would help you or your daughter but I do have something that could keep your husband and son from getting it. It sounds really strange but it works for us every time. Clean your ears with a q-tip dipped in peroxide. I got this from someone who wrote a home remedy book. It has not failed us yet.

  9. Completely flat Coke (real Coke), stirred, shaken, and stirred again until there is NOT ANY carbonation left. Sip that slowly and nibble on saltine crackers. There is something about Coke syrup that works magic.

  10. We just finished up this same stomach flu, over thanksgiving at the in-laws house no less. Yeah, fun. Guess I don't have to worry about gaining thanksgiving pounds though. :)
    Anyway, ginger is a well known remedy stomach issues. I have my kids drink gingerale/water (half and half) very small sips at a time. I drink it full strength and it does seem to help.

    At one point last week, my four year old was laying on the couch, trash can on the floor next to his head, 3 year old in the recliner, holding a large bowl in his lap, towels all around him, and I was laying on the bed, all in the same room, all of us watching hours of Disney. Now that's family bonding.

  11. heyy (:
    hope you've recovered
    just like to ask how did you uhm. Recover from stomach flu?
    did you do anything special or what?
    I'm having stomach flu now, feels like im in hell.
    I've been vomiting non stop and having abdominal pains that are killing me ):
    any remedies?
    Mail me(:
    thanks and much loves

  12. We just had it hit and I am always amazed by how unprepared I am for these things. 3 kids including my 1 year old girl and then me. Here are my (tested on a family of five) "best practices". 1, stick to BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). 2, take a bath with epsom salts (use the natural ones like REV or Eden) as soon as you start to recover - this pulls the toxins out so you dont get sick again.

  13. i got the stomach flu the day after christmas last year so i know how horrible the holiday flu is. My 2 sons were ages 3 and 2 months at the time. when i finally couldn't get up anymore to take care of them and my 3 year old was crawling all over me still trying to make demands, i called for reinforcements. the flu knocks the tar out of me every time and that's why i called my mom. and this year i made my hubby promise that if i get the flu again he'll take off work so he can take care of the kids while i struggle. also, i made sure my freezer is stocked with otter pops. those seem to help me too.


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