TALK BACK: New Year's Resolution for your Kids

So just for fun, if you could write some New Year's Resolutions for your own kids, what would they be?

I will stop being so picky about my clothes in the morning, and give in to wearing pants occasionally
I will let my mommy brush my hair without screaming
I will try new foods
I will sleep in a big-girl bed
I will take an interest in potty-training

I will go to the bathroom less than 5 seconds before it's too late
I will enjoy my food at meals instead of eating like I've been starved for several days
I will stop waking my parents up in the middle of the night when I go to the bathroom
I will play with only one toy at a time, and then clean it up before moving to the next one


  1. Hee..very funny!!!
    Those would be some of my kids New Years Resolutions!
    -sandy toes

  2. Hi Kristen,

    I used to have big problems with brushing my daughters hair too, and a friend of mine recommended buying a no more tangles detangling spray. It's not pure magic, but my daughter believes if I spray it, it isn't as bad as it could have been. :) I also threatened to cut her hair like Daddy's if she kept freaking out, but I really think it was the spray that won her over in the end.

    And one to add, "I will not not complain if my sister gets the princess spoon and fork, because I know I will get it next time."

  3. Logan:
    -I will recognize that there are other colors worthy of wearing on by body aside from pink.
    - I will try to eat vegetables without gagging.
    - I will clean up my finished projects without acting like the things I am picking up are hazmat material and so very heavy.
    - I will not covet everything my brother is holding.

    - I will take an interest in potty training
    - I will exapand my vocabulary from "No, Logan!!!!"
    - I will not covet everything my sister is holding.
    - I will work on letting my mom sleep in.

  4. Camden:
    *I will stop asking for Lollipops for breakfast.
    *I will get through an entire MOPS playgroup without crying for Mommy.
    *I will learn markers work better on paper, and not on the sofa.
    *I will enjoy play-dough, without feeling the need to squish it into the carpet
    *I will get through an entire meal without standing up in my highchair, or sitting on the tray.
    *Time-outs will not be fun.

    *I will not cry over choosing my wardrobe every morning
    *I will actually finish dinner before asking when it's time for dessert.
    *I will put my toys away with as much enthusiam as I had destroying my room.

    *I will giggle with joy when my mom brushes my hair.
    *I will say 'Chayse', instead of 'CCCCHHAAAAAAAAAYYSSSSSE!!!'
    *Talking back? Door slamming? Sarcasm? Why, whatever do you mean?!

    (Can you tell who my precious little troublemaker is?)

  5. Miles-
    -I will stop thinking that pooping in the toilet will kill me.
    -I will try on a different voice, other than the WHINE voice.
    I will LOVE eating at meal times and forgo saying "I'm done" after .2 bites.

    -I will try to stop pulling on mom's pants constantly
    -I will learn some English so I can communicate a few things instead of screaming.

    I'm so tired I can't even be funny with this. Sorry, lame. (:

  6. Everyone-
    I will get ready for bed and get dressed in the morning the first time I'm asked.

    - I will occasionally be Elijah instead of a cheetah, Pikachu, Ace, Mr. Incredible or a monster.
    - I will not insist on wearing clothes that DON'T match.
    - I will learn to use words to express emotion instead of volume.

    - I will not constantly taunt my younger brother, "Look Isaiah, I have the flashlight you wanted at breakfast."
    - I will stop laughing while Mommy is trying to put me in time out for taunting and being mean to Isaiah.
    - I will stop telling everyone we meet that my younger brother, Isaiah, still has to wear a pull up at bed time.

    - I will try normal foods without gagging.
    - I will go to the bathroom before a little bit leaks out in my underwear.
    - I will do what I don't really want to do once a day, just as practice for real life- because that's reality baby!

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