Stocking Stuffers

What is going in your kids' stockings this year? For my two year old, Cars obsessed little buddy it will be a set of "Cars" themed crayons & notepad from the dollar bin, a new match box car, and some sort of treat. For my 5 year old little gal that likes to dress herself with flair and pizzazz, I have a set of "Little Miss Matched" socks that are sure to scream, "I dress myself and I am miss-matched on purpose!"

For my hubby, I have a couple of Starbucks gift cards. I found a fun hook up at my local Costco the other day - they are selling a set of five $20 gift cards for $79. So, that means that I got $20 of free coffee! Those other 3 cards will come in handy for last minute gifts that slip my mind.

Do you have any fun surprises in mind for your family's stockings?


  1. Those are cute socks..have you heard of the book series "Fancy Nancy"..your post reminded me of it and your daughter would love "her"!
    -sandy toes

  2. i usually buy socks and other small things, and i find the money adds up. so this year i donated to a different charity for each person as a stocking stuffer. my mother joined in and bought a toy for each of us (toys for tots) for stocking stuffers. i'm excited for my family to see what charity i picked out for each of them!

    btw... those socks ARE cute. :)


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