Little Things

I'm thinking of starting a new club. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Husbands. Except we won't actually share the husbands, like the pants in that book/movie. Instead, we'll just sit around and be tired together. We won't have to say a word, we'll just know. It always feels good to be truly known.

Yesterday, as the snow continued to come down and I was just plain sick of it, I remembered that old "attitude is everything" saying, which made me want to drive right into a snow drift. But I didn't. Instead, my attitude was adjusted for me, in a much more positive way than crashing my car.

I pulled Asher out of his car seat at Target and hoisted him on my hip. If it were raining rather than snowing, it would have been what we call a downpour. I started to think about how I'm really sick of it already, and then I looked at Asher's little face and saw it. You know the look. The Wonder. He was staring up at the parking lot lights, watching the snow swirl. He was totally enthralled. He started to giggle and then so did I and we just couldn't stop.

Suddenly the snow was only slightly annoying, and maybe even beautiful. Especially the flakes that attached themselves to Asher's eyelashes.

To me, one of the greatest miracles of mothering is being pulled through your fatigue and frustration and given new eyes to see by the very same little people who wore you out in the first place.

It's in the little things they do.

At times, life with kids is absolutely exhausting in every way. It can feel way too big.

So I love it when those little moments come along and hit me square in the heart, giving me a new vision for the rest of the day. Or even just for the next hour.

These moments are everything.


  1. I would join that sisterhood -- especially if we encouraged each other to take this kind of attitude, even on the tough days.

    Merry Christmas, Heather. Enjoy your FAMILY time.

  2. I love being a part of this mother - hood!

    It is so, so true that sometimes all it takes to turn the funk that can settle on my home, on my kids, and in my own head, is my own attitude adjustment. I cannot tell you how many times just tickling my kids and saying something silly to get us all to laugh can break the spell over us.

    Thanks for this reminder, Heather! You are a gift to me!

  3. You people are such a GREAT Eve of Christmas gift for me. Thank you for your kind words and Merry Christmas!


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