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With Christmas coming up, many of us are searching for the perfect gift for their own moms, and for sisters and friends. We wanted to give you some ideas for unique gifts beyond the typical scented lotion and picture frame:

Blue Avocado Reuseable Shopping Bags - This is a great way to encourage your family to "go green". Blue Avocado has those shopping excursions covered with kits of matching bags that will meet all your shopping needs. And the best part - they all fold down into a small clutch! The Cool Kit contains an insulated bag, two produce bags, a carry-all bag and a multi-use bag.

Talking Photo Album - This is a great creative twist on the photo gift! You can personalize each photo by recording up to 10 seconds of audio for each of the 24 photos. It's the perfect gift for grandma to see AND hear her grandkids.

La Molina Chocolate Squares - The Lunardi brothers grew up around their father's bakery near Pisa, Italy. They have taken their love of chocolate to new heights. Many of their products use unusual flavor combinations inspired by the Tuscan food tradition: blended dark chocolate with peanuts, mint or orange and nougat with hazelnut. The stunning packaging is candy for the eye. We love the candied orange flavor!

Fortune Cookie Soap - In addition to providing useful advice such as, "If you feel that no one is noticing you, skip a few baths", Fortune Cookie Soaps will also clean your dirty little hands. Made from safe, chemical-free ingredients, Fortune Cookie Soaps are sure to delight the senses. Each cookie has a distinct aroma, such as an oatmeal cookie, combined with a subtle hint of freshness. We love that these clever little cuties are made of all-natural ingredients.

L'il DaVinci Store & Display Art Cabinet - Sure, sticking your kid's art on the fridge is cute and fun, but think of all the messy hands that end up touching their work, and the inevitable pieces that end up on the floor. With this cute front-loading art cabinet, you can easily display their artwork in a tasteful picture frame. The hinged frame opens to reveal four spring-loaded corners that make it easy to store up to 50 little masterpieces inside!

Nature's Inventory Essential Oils - If there is one thing that we believe around here, it is that there are a lot of solutions to everyday health problems found in nature and in holistic forms of health care. We recently stumbled upon a company that it working hard to provide some of those solutions in the form of essential oils. We think moms would love:
There are tons and tons more of amazing blends available for Women.

Dagoba Organic Chocolates - Dagoba is a an organic chocolate company dedicated to sustainability and refined chocolate taste. A foodie's dream, their line includes pure blends and innovative infusions using only pure essential oils and local ingredients. Their Tasting Sampler is a fun gift that takes the taster on a chocolate trip around the world: Pacuare (Costa Rica), Los Rios (Ecuador), Milagros (Peru) and Sambirano (Madagascar). It includes a tasting guide with an aroma wheel and room to log tasting notes.

Travel With Me Airplane Pillow Cases This is an ideal gift for the moms in your life who travel often with kiddos in tow. We've learned that most airlines do not change the pillowcases between flights (most don't even feed their travelers real food anymore!). Pillows often end up on the floor, and are loaded with dirt, germs and drool. Next time you travel, play it safe and slip a soft and comfortable JetHeads Disposable Pillow Case over your airplane pillow and rest easy knowing you and your children aren't napping where the last passenger just sneezed!

Paddywax Soy Candles - Who knew green could smell so good? Paddywax took the famed phrase 'We must be the change we want to see in the world' to heart. From soy-based inks, to hemp twine, to recycled paper, this candle company is committed to conserving our planet's resources. The chlorine free paper pulp box is biodegradable and is wrapped with a 100% post-industrial recycled paper label. And best yet - this leave your room smelling amazing. We love the Cinnamon Wood & Honey fragrance.

Organic Apple & Rosemary Preserves - This is a great alternative to the traditional holiday jams, from a small artisinal Italian company we love. It comnines the sweetness of ripe apples with the herbal goodness of rosemary. It is free of preservatives and instead of using caster sugar, wheat-syrup is employed to allow reduction in total sugar content. It's perfect for toast, but even better paired with cheese!

Candle by the Hour - Candle by the Hour uses coiled, natural beeswax to create an auto-extinguishing rope candle. Each inch of candle burns for approximately 20 minutes. You can feed up to 3 inches through the clamp for a worry-free burn time of one hour.

Hallmark Card Studio 2009 Deluxe -Hallmark Card Studio makes it easy to create one-of-a-kind Hallmark cards. In three simple steps you can add personal photos, sentiments and clip art images of your choosing. You can use this to make cards, photo cubes, photo cards, calendars, scrapbooks and even e-cards.

Rosanna, Inc. - Rosanna has the most beautiful collections of tableware for all occasions.  Have someone in your life that loves to throw dinner parties and celebrate birthdays with a bang?  Our favorites are the birthday collection, the holiday tableware, as well as the line of "green" glassware that is all made from recycled glass products.  The bottom line :: no matter who you are shopping for, you will find something that they would love on this site!

ScanDigital - ScanDigital has a service that will create a unique gift for every person on your list. They can scan and restore your parents' old photos, or turn your childhood video footage into DVD's. They can even duplicate and preserve scrapbooking projects for the scrapbooking moms in your life. A project from ScanDigital is the gift that keeps on giving for your family - memories!

Breakfast in Bed Basket - What mom doesn't dream of breakfast in bed? We love the concept behind this gift basket. New York's popular catering company Spoon has taken their treats worldwide, and you can now order fun gift baskets from their website. They carefully gathered everything you need for the lazy Saturday morning in the Breakfast in Bed Basket, allowing you more time in bed to enjoy. It includes: Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Vermont Blueberry Maple Syrup, Small Batch Strawberry Jam, Organic Fair Trade Yiragcheffe Ground Coffee, and The Best Ever Granola.

Party Games from Out of the Box Publishing - This company specializes in games that are fun for grown-ups! We love Backseat Drawing - two teams race to identify drawings done by their own team members. But the artists don’t know what they are drawing—they can only follow the instructions given by another team member! It's a great option for game night, or for family get-togethers once the kids go down.

Taza Organic Stone-Ground Chocolates - Interested in chocolate that is fair-trade, organic, AND delicious? Taza is a true bean-to-bar chocolate maker and is the only maker of 100% stone ground chocolate in the United States. Taza uses cacao beans directly from small farmer cooperatives ensuring those farmers receive more than fair trade prices for their high quality cacao. Taza's chocolate making process is designed to capture the true flavor of the cacao bean by minimally processing the chocolate every step of the way. The result is a minimally-processed chocolate that reatains as many natural flavors of the beans as possible. We love the Chocolate Mexicano Discs, made of just three simple ingredients: roasted cocoa beans, cane sugar, and cinnamon stick.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Dipped Figs - Looking for something truly original for the chocolate-lover in your life? Scharffen Berger has a funny name but they are an artisan chocolate maker, following an old-world style of chocolate making, using restored vintage European machinery and small batch production to ensure quality. Their chocolate dipped figs are packaged in a handmade round wooden box that contains seven dried Mission Figs, hand dipped in rich 70% Cacao Bittersweet chocolate.
Stuck on You Labels - labels are extremely durable labels that easily go on just about anything that your kid needs to keep. Some labels are designed for hard plastics (bowls, cups, bottles) and others are to be ironed onto clothing, blankets, plush. They are built to last, the plastic labels can go through the dishwasher, sink, microwave, and stick around. The cloth labels can go through the washer and dryer (tumble dry) and still identify its owner.

Bella Il Fiore Lip Gloss - Bella Il Fiore has the lip gloss mamas dreams of, and they are perfect for moms on the go. The mini Kiss Me Now glosses are purse-sized and feature a clip that can attach to a key chain or purse for easy access. And for a night out on the town, the Sweet Talk Spice Set features a lip gloss, mints, and mirror in a pocket-sized tin.

Daisy Princess Paperie Calendars - This cd-sized calendar is as much for reference as its is a mini revolving art-installation for your desktop. Each month is embellished with a different modern, wallpaper-like pattern featuring floral motifs and little birds. And it's green! Printed on recycled paper using soy inks, it's production uses low-emission printing techniques.

ICU Eyewear Reading Glasses- these fashionable reading glasses are a great gift for your own mom! For the eco-conscious mama, the Bamboo reading glasses are stylish, sustainable, and smart. And for the moms who love to show their Christmas spirit, check out their Christmas styles - peppermint and holiday plaid! We think these beat a Christmas sweater any day of the year.

Le Creuset - If you are looking to splurge for a special someone in your life who loves to cook, Le Creuset has the products that will make them drool. Take your pick - corkscrews that look like art, enameled cast iron cookware (one of the healthiest types of cookware out there), tea kettles. At the Le Creuset foundry in northern France, molten iron is sand cast from a single mold that’s destroyed after use, explaining why no two pieces are exactly alike. Pots and pans are then painstakingly polished and finished by hand, sprayed with two coats of enamel and fired twice. No other procedure yields cookware that so evenly conducts and retains heat, making Le Creuset cast iron second to none for slow cooking. We love the kiwi, torquoise and flame colors!

OXO Pop BPA-free Storage Containers - The OXO Good Grips POP Containers are bpa-free, airtight, stackable and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your foods fresh and your kitchen organized. The Containers have a unique push-button on top that creates an airtight seal with just one touch.The POP Containers are available in 11 different sizes, and are also great for use in the garage, sewing room, play room and more. OXO also offers a full range of amazing cooking gadgets that are sure to please anyone on your list. Sometimes the most practical gifts are the best gifts to give!

We have a discount code for our Mama Readers that you can use at http://www.blogger.com/www.oxo.com to shop for POP storage containers, cooking gadgets, corkscrews & bottle openers, cleaning supplies, and even these amazing rechargeable Candela lights. The code OXO15 is a one time/visitor discount code that will give you 15% off your entire order when ordering online. [the code is available until Dec.31st]


  1. What great ideas..I love those glasses..they are so pretty!
    -sandy toes

  2. Thank you! What a great list of resources. You guys rock.

  3. The gift of good health is the best gift of all! My friend sent me a really neat gift for my kids and me. It is called a Germy Wormy. It reduces the spread of germs as it is a “disposable sleeve to protect clothes” and is a great tool to teach my kids to cough and sneeze in their elbow instead of their hands. (This is the way the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends to prevent the spread of germs.) If we can stop the spread of germs and avoid 1 round of sickness, this is worth it! I think am giving these as holiday gifts to a few of my friends!

    Check out their website.


  4. At Christmas time I believe the things that children do.

    I believe with English children that holly placed in windows will protect our homes from evil.

    I believe with Swiss children that the touch of edelweiss will charm a person with love.
    I love your work! Great job! Thanx, happy holidays guys !

  5. I suggest this site to my friends so it could be useful & informative for them also. Great effort.


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