Talk Back: You are...

You are...

No matter how it seems sometimes
behind my weary eyes and sighs,

I love being with you.

You are perspective and pure joy.
You are bringing me to my knees,

exactly where I need to be.

You are beautiful, just as you are.
You are me. You are Daddy.
You are yourself, and that's my favorite part.

You are ours. You are His.

You are light and grace and warmth,

all wrapped up in skin and bone.

You are forgiving and unconditional.

You are examples to me of how to live.

Because you are everything I may have forgotten.

Things all covered up by the hardness of living.

freedom, joy, peace, are.
You smell like it. You live it. You exude it.

You are love.


They say I'll want these days back,

They go all too fast.

But I'm starting to realize I won't.

No, not the days.

I admit they're too hard and I'm tired.

I won't want the days.

But these tiny versions of you?

Yes, I will certainly miss those at times.

And I may even want you back this way.

But I'm looking forward to new versions of you,

to learning more of who you are.

More than all of that,

the looking back and the looking ahead.

I want to be here with you today.

With who you are, right now.

{What is one thing that is happening in your world with your kids that you are thankful for right now? What is your "you are..." realization?}


  1. beautiful!

    I feel that all the time...

  2. Perfect and exactly what I'm feeling! I had to share your beautiful words with my friends because I couldn't say it any better myself.

    New Reader, love the blog!


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