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With the amount of time that we mamas spend on our feet, it's imperative that our shoes are good for us. But it seems to be a constant challenge to find shoes that feel good and look great at the same time. I mean, we all know that we can cruise around in our running shoes and have happy feet. But, it seems that most often we either have to sacrifice comfort for style, or style for comfort. We have searched high and low to find the most comfortable shoes around, that still offer style in the many settings our feet take as us mamas, without screaming, "look, I'm a mom!" And while many are a splurge, we have come to value purchasing a few pair of quality shoes (especially after years of spending just as much on numerous pairs at the discount shop that only end up at Goodwill after blisters and aching feet). Good shoes are an investment, but your feet are worth it, and it's better to have fewer pairs that will serve you well. Quality over quantity, ladies! Read on to see our favorites...

{Best Wear-Around Shoes}


What we love about Keen is that it is an eco-friendly company that is developing products to meet the needs of entire families! They have shoes for extremely active people down to those of us who just want stylish & comfortable shoes for every day wear.

One of our favorites is the Wear Around Mary Jane. Cute on the outside, smart style within, the Wear Around Mary Jane from KEEN is comfy and convenient no matter where you go. An integrated sock bootie keeps your foot protected and dry. The stretch instep strap finds an easy fit, while soft leather surrounds your foot with a sweet appeal.


Another daily favorite is the Ariat Mary Jane. Who would have thunk that some of the best shoes for moms come from the makers of equestrian boots? But the folks at Ariat know a little something something about a quality shoe.

Their mary janes are so soft and comfortable, and look cute with jeans or a skirt. And the bronze color goes with just about anything.


Here at Mama Manifesto, we are big fans of Simple Shoes. We rave about them all the time. If we had to choose just one shoe to take to our desert island out of the Simple shoe line-up, it would have to be Avocatoe.

If this shoe could talk, we think it would say:

"I am a vegan friendly and veggie friendly shoe! I contain no animal byproducts or even regular animal products. I have sustainable hemp uppers, and I have coconut buttons, and I am lined in certified organic cotton fleece. I have natural latex and cork blended topsoles for supreme squishiness. My outsoles used to be a car tire, so when you choose to wear me you are re-using and recycling at the same time! I have a bamboo wedge… ooh la la!"
These Avocatoe shoes are cute with jeans, cute with skirts and one of the best things that ever happened to our feet!

{Best Working Mom Shoes}


Merrell's slip on shoe line is amazing. Here is a company that has built a solid reputation for creating top of the line footwear and apparel for the active person, and they have this whole line of shoes that are comfortable and super, super cute. This is not just a company making shoes for the hiker/runner/river walker (I am not sure what that is, but if one were a "river walker", I think this is where you would find the right shoes for river walking). One of our favorites in the Merrell "slip on" repertoire is the Petunia. It is sophisticated and smart, without sacrificing functionality (remember, they create shoes for people that are actively moving from hither to yon!). A Merrell Air Cushion midsole provides support and traction isn’t lacking with the wedge sole. I like that the wedge gives me a bit of extra height for longer slacks, sassy jeans and jazzing up my skirts, making these the perfect shoes for the working mom, or a mama looking to impress her date (even if it is a two year old)!


If you are a working mom, you know how important comfortable shoes are. As a multi-tasking mom, it's easy to find ourselves heading from office to playgroup to grocery store, without time to change our outfit, much less our shoes. That's why it's so important to find a shoe that multi-tasks as well as we do! No one wants to be strolling the aisles of Target wearing foot-pinching pumps.

That's why Naot has created amazingly comfortable heeled shoes that feel so good you will forget your are wearing your work shoes! Naot uses carefully selected, condensed natural cork granules, latex and jute to create a highly shock-absorbent footbed. The footbed, which is cover with a layer of soft spongy suede, reduces stress on the spinal column to make walking and running more comfortable and relaxing. My favorite are the Pleasure Pumps - I have done some serious walking in these shoes and they look and feel great. Naot also has some other styles that are great for more casual wear that are very comfortable and very stylish!


The CEO of Asgi thought this comfort vs. style dilemna was a dilemna worth fixing! With the soleplex technology that is in the Asgi shoes, women can now wear fashionable shoes without compromising comfort! Asgi shoe designers worked on these shoes from the inside out - creating the comfortable shoe, and then wrapping them in style that would make Sarah Jessica Parker drool! Asgi's tagline is "Isn't science beautiful?" Take a look at these shoes, and I think you will agree, that, yes, science can be quite beautiful!

{we like the sleek Marcy Mary Jane pump for dressing up for the office & special occasions}

{we like the Joy Mary Jane for everyday business casual wear}

You can shop online for Asgi shoes and see the many, many beautiful styles available, or to find a retailer near you, go here.

{Best Workout Shoes}


You've probably heard the claims: the shoe that works out your legs while you walk. It sounds too good to be true, right? But the MBT shoes have done just that, and if you try a pair, you will be in for a surprise, because there really is no experience like it. MBT stands for "Masai Barefoot Technology," and the shoes are designed to mimic walking in sand. The shoe has a multi-layered, curved sole that accomplishes this by creating an uneven walking surface. It almost feels like you are rocking or bouncing as you walk. This makes you engage your core muscles as you walk, creating better posture and increasing shock absorbtion for all of the joints. It also makes wearing the shoes quite a unique experience, and a bit of a workout.

MBT Shoes started as sandals, but this year they rolled out a line of shoes that has something for every occasion. We love the MBT Lami Mary Janes as a great walk-around shoe. And check out the boots! They will give you a spring in your step - literally.

Brooks running shoes

Brooks has always had a solid reputation for making amazing shoes for runners. -They offer different shoes for different styles of running. They work on the cutting edge of technology to make sure that the shoes runners wear protect them from injury and help them run faster, longer and better. Pretty awesome, right? Well, they have kicked things up a notch by making their award-winning Trance shoe environmentally friendly by adding BioMoGo, the world's first biodegradable midsole. The result? Tons of cush wrapped in a pristine, new, "green" package. We have tested this shoe on ourselves and our husbands and we happen to love it! Brooks also offers some sweet running shoes for active kids. If you have been looking for motivation to get yourself in running shape, the Trance 8 might just do the trick! And, for those days when you just need comfortable shoes to chase the kids at the park, and push the shopping cart with gusto, you are in business in these shoes. Maybe if you are feeling guilty for missing a workout, you can ponder the fact that these running shoes will biodegrade 50x faster than the average pair of running shoes in a landfill and feel a bit better about yourself. These truly are shoes that are healthier for you (when you use them for an active lifestyle) AND the environment!

{Best Happy Place Shoes}

Simple Slippers

These "Overlay" slippers from Simple are like little clouds for your feet. Just warm enough to be toasty and light as a feather. We love that they are lined in certified organic cotton knit material, and that they have recycled paper pulp "foot forms". They take your feet to "the happy place".

Patagonia's Maui Jane

These aren't your grandma's pink fuzzy slippers! These are shoes that are so comfortable they can be worn as shoes or slippers. Patagonia claims to have called it the "Maui Jane" because "the cutest, most comfortable slip on" would not fit on the box! I like to think of them as my own personal treat for my hard working feet! Patagonia has a stellar reputation for creating eco-friendly gear as well as championing environmental awareness, so in a way these shoes are contributing to ending global warming (while warming up our feet - that is multi-tasking)!

{Best Rock-star Mom Shoes}

Looking for a shoe to re-awaken your inner glam? Or just wanna look hot in your jeans on date night? FarylRobin is the ultimate rock-star shoe company. They have cutting-edge fashionista shoes that are . . . get this . . . actually comfortable. A combination of soft leather and padded flexible insoles make it easy to stand on them for hours. Farylrobin creates looks that are unique but not over the top. My favorite is the Debauche - they are the perfect shoe for under jeans. They make your legs appear long and lean, and give the appearance of a boot without the weight. I put these on any time my hubby and I hit the town. But for a daily mom shoe that will satisfy your inner hipster, check out the Zebra, the "love child of the flat and the gladiator".

We love all the shoes in this line up, but we give gold stars to the Simple, Patagonia, Keen, & Brooks trance for their emphasis on making shoes in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner!


  1. Those shoes are just the styles that I love! I did just get a pair of cute Teva Mary Janes that were only $21 on Amazon. I am digging those Simple shoes though.

  2. Wow..! Thanks for sharing those beautiful shoes..! Those are adorable.


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