Former Lives

In my early twenties, I worked at a grain elevator. Yes. I weighed corn and soybeans. There were a lot of truckers. My co-worker, Dog (real nickname) and I would play baseball in the scale room. That means that in between customers, we would use a ruler and pieces of corn for our exciting baseball games. Just goes to show you that you can make just about anything fun.

I've also been a server (Don Pablos all the way baby), an office manager, a clerk at Snyder Drug, a sales person at Maurices, and a Creative Memories consultant (for like a month). I worked in a print shop (back when collating and stapling was done by hand). Then I was in social work, case management for people with mental illnesses. And then I became a Mom and a postpartum doula. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I realize this isn't all that interesting.

I wonder what kind of work my boys will do? I hope they do something they absolutely love. Like eating. They LOVE eating. Maybe some sort of food tasting or critiquing? Or monkey trainers. They totally love monkeys.

What jobs have you had? My inquiring mind wants to know. It really does. I love knowing stuff.


  1. one year in my late teens, I spent the WHOLE summer putting those little round stickers on hothouse tomatoes. no, there is no machine for such work as the tomatoes are too delicate. boy, was that a monotanous job. so next time you see hothouse tomatoes, know the truth about those little stickeres!!

  2. Too many! LOL..let's see I've been a seafood clerk at krogers, a bank receptionist, a retail clerk, a pharmacy technician, activities assistant, a production worker@GM, a child care provider & now a happy SAHM.

  3. Oh my gosh. My resume is a nightmare. In high school I had a job pouring up models of people's teeth. Then I moved on to Lady Foot Locker. Then I was a paralegal, a waitress, a preschool teacher, a paralegal again, a preschool teacher again, and now, finally, I work for a stroller manufacturer. I vow that this will be my last job until I "retire" to become a SAHM. Thankfully, its a good job that I love!

  4. Well, I did babysitting in high school. And a paper route. And then later in high school I had a job at the food court at the Omaha airport-- and I did pretty much everything there, from making pizzas in Pizza Hut to tacos in Taco Bell to burgers in Burger King. Plus cashiering. And my favorite part about that job was when I got to be Barista in the coffee shop. I still think that was my favorite job ever. In college I worked in campus dining and did dishes, cooked, cleaned, etc. I've been the receptionist at a chiropractor and a substitute teacher. And I've worked in childcare with ages 0-12. Oh, and in the campus writing center at a college, helping students with their papers.

    What an exciting life I have led. LOL.

  5. Lets see, my first job was making pizza's at our local pizza place, then I was a nanny for a year, then I was hired away by my nanny employer's mom at her ad agency to cut ads out of newspapers, that led to a sales job at a TV station (don't ask me how - pretty big jump, right?). Then I went to work for a well known consumer/pro Japanese electronics company as a district sales manager, then a sales exec with LoJack, then took 8 years off to be a mommy to three beautiful children. Boy am I tired!

  6. Great idea, Heather! I love hearing where everyone has worked. It feels like we are dating, blog-style!

    I have had a long list of jobs! here goes...
    -tutor and soccer coach in high school
    -yogurt shop (gained 10 pounds rather quickly) and nanny and camp counselor (hume lake and day camp on UCSD campus) in college
    -1st & 2nd grade teacher
    -Children's Ministry
    -executive assistant and project manager for a Human Rights organization and non-profit
    -director of graduate admissions office at a local University
    -and now, a SAHM who sometimes works too much on a blog that I am obsessed with!

  7. I have worked at a record store, as a Receptionist, sold airline tickets, leased apartments, sold annuities, sold electronic components, worked for BlogHer, written sports trivia for money, been a SAHM and been a WAHM.


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