Does your baby love disco?

Have you heard of Baby Loves Disco?  It is sweeping the nation, and this weekend, the last Baby Loves Disco event of 2008 (a Pajama Party) will be in our neck of the woods!  For those of you who live in the Orange County area, this event will be this Saturday 11/22 at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa from 2-5. 

Baby Loves Disco has given us 6 tickets to hook up some lucky local readers!

Here are the details from the event coordinators...

"We have an AMAZING event lined up! We have our two new
sponsors Hush Hush Bang Bang salon doing hair, Marc a licensed massage
therapist doing 10 minute chair massages, Svetla from Pomme Bebe is
bringing a story teller for the food room, Kimberlee from Kimberlee West
Photography is setting up a photo booth for portraits on the patio, Patty at Under My Umbrella is doing a classic TURKEY art project, Hullabaloos Clubhouse is of course bringing their amazing face painter, and Rattle-N-Roll will be back with the temporary tattoo parlor. In addition, we have some amazing dance contest prizes
donated from Baby Loves Disco's national sponsors!"

If you are interested in attending this event, leave us a comment letting us know that you want to attend and how many tickets you would need!  Hurry, they will go fast!  

Ha ha ha ha, stayin aliiiiiiiiive....

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  1. I'd love five so I can bring a friend and her two kids, or six if I can bring my husband, too.

    But also, I could live with just two for my baby and I.


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