Bring on the mess

Okay, so there are tons of moms (like here, here and here) out there that relish in craft time with their kids. It is something I wish that I wanted to do and often feel guilty about. I honestly just don't do well with the mess. I desire to foster creativity in the girls which means I have to give up a bit of control. As much as I love Crayola for their Color Wonder products, I know that experience with REAL paint can't be matched.
So we went to the craft store today and I let the girls each pick a paint. I also grabbed some foam brushes and a two pack of 16 x 20 pre-stretched canvases.
We went out in the backyard and painted away. Lucy takes a more liberal approach and covered the canvas in seconds.
Halley is focused and trying her best not to get paint on herself. She could spend hours covering the canvas perfectly.
While the paint was wet I wiped off their hands and feet and put them on the canvas. Their clean, dry hands take off just a bit of the wet paint leaving a simple, perfect outline of their hand and footprints. I found the idea here and am so glad that I actually decided to do it, instead of just bookmarking it. A few minutes in the tub and they were sparkling clean and proud of what they created. I need to do this more often.


  1. okay, not to sound TOTALLY stupid, but just to clarify: you then just used regular old paper (like the designed scrapbooking papers) and cut out their names/glued it on?

    tis a very cute idea... one that I would not be afraid to let my 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old do at the same time since they'd (well, mostly the bebe) have enough room to paint without getting bored and starting to eat it instead! ;)

  2. love this idea! I too aspire to be crafty, but don't want the mess...

    thank you.

  3. Your brave very brave. We don't even have play doe in our house. Isn't that what preschool is for the mess?
    Really cute idea...I'll wait until summer where I can hose them off outside!:)

  4. Most scrapbooking stores have die cut machines where you can quickly (and perfectly) cut out the letters you need. They usually charge something like $1 per hour to use their machines. You could also trace letters onto the scrapbooking paper and cut them out. You can mod podge them right onto the canvas so that there will be a clear protective layer over the entire thing. Mod Podge is the easiest stuff to work with...fool proof. Just do a couple of layers over the top of the surface and you are golden!

  5. Brilliant.

    I don't know if I'm brave enough though...


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