Your Love Is Better Than Chocolate

Ali and I were discussing the blog today, as we do pretty much every time we hang out. But today, we were kind of celebrating this sense of community that we are feeling with you, our dear readers. We are so grateful and humbled that so many of you are coming back, day after day. We are especially encouraged by the comments, ideas, and vulnerability of other moms. We feel like in the last four months, this blog has emerged as exactly what we hoped it to be: a place where moms can find connection and support. And we are feeling that connection and support, too.

We are thankful for you. We are feeling the love.


  1. I will be the first to THANK YOU MAMA'S for providing a place where we can all be comfy and cozy!

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  3. Glad to hear it - you gals are fabulous and deserve to feel that lovin'! Now if only I weren't so far behind so I could make time to comment on all the posts I've missed!


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