sort of handmade.

I would love to make each gift I give, but sometimes that just isn't realistic. Some people aren't so much into handmade gifts and would just like a gift card. (Yawn.) Then there are boys... I am generally clueless on what to make for them.
My niece asked for art and craft supplies for her 4th birthday and I was happy to oblige. Halley, my resident expert in all things four was my shopping assistant. We headed out and found this sort of girlie-ish tool box (lets be honest, if a handyman came to your door with it wouldn't you question his fix-abilty skills?) But to make it over the top girlie I ribboned up the handle and put her name on it.
Then we filled it up with glitter, glue, paints, scissors, jeweled stickers, pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and buttons. It was a huge hit and now I am thinking this would also be a great gift for a boy, sans the ribbons. Since all of the schools supplies are on sale in abundance the grand total was less than $20. Not too bad. Halley has already asked for her own.

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  1. Not that you asked, but a friend of mine makes marshmallow shooters. I have considered getting them for my nephews. Here's a link I found, but I am sure there are better ones. Of course, lots of people don't want guns for toys, but if you threw one in for dad I am sure it would be a big hit!


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