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I can't remember the last time we stayed home for an entire day. The first thing out of Lucy's mouth every morning is "where we going?" and she gets pretty stressed out if I don't have an answer. A hazard of being on the go is I seem to be packing and unpacking bags multiple times a day. I don't bother picking up while they are awake (futile) so I make a full sweep of the house, car and diaper bags at nap and bed time. I was tiring of the piles in front of their doors and decided to come up with some sort of system to appear less cluttered until they woke up and I could put everything away in their rooms.
I found these tubs in the paint section at Lowes for $9.98 each and got out some scrapbook paper and my trusty Modge Podge. You will need about 5 sheets per tub and I wouldn't recommend using cardstock, it isn't flexible enough to go around the ridges. Don't be shy about the Modge Podge either, you need gobs and gobs under and on top of the paper to get it to stick and not bubble or peel. If I could go back I think I would have spray painted the inside of the tubs a funky turquoise, the silver is a bit too shiny, but I suppose all of the girls debris will cover that in no time.
Here are the finished products. I really love them and want to paper up some more for other storage, or even serving pieces. How cute would it be in matching paper for a party?
Lulu took the term "tub" literally and took a little bath with her baby doll. Clutter problem solved for about $20 in one hour. Can't complain about that!


  1. Would you look at that! How super cute! girls after my own heart is what you are!

  2. Super cute! Great idea for a catch-all or for some creative use at a party! Love it :)

  3. that is so cute! i love modge podging things..it's my secret obsession.


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