Not rocket science.

Halley loves flashcards. Especially in the car. I, well, not so much. I am always fishing them out from under and between the seats, all full of crumbs and wrinkled. Both of which cause great stress to my neat and orderly four year old.
I found this idea here at Make and Takes (great blog!) and it's so brilliant and so simple. Flashcards + book rings + hole punch = neat and orderly happiness. Halley is less frustrated as am I.


  1. Great idea! Even though it's not rocket science, I never would have thought of it all on my own.

    That's why I love Mama Manifesto! :)

    (and for other reasons too)
    (lots of them)
    (I didn't get enough sleep last night)
    (that's why I keep adding stuff in parantheses-I can't spell that all of the sudden...)

  2. I LOVE this idea! Seriously, it is rocket science in my world.

    We have done this with several of our flash card sets and I love knowing that as I pass them from the front of the car, they will not all go flying in every direction (and in between those teeny tiny gaps between the seats), resulting in tragic tears from both of my kids!

    Love it!

  3. Brilliant!

    Make and Takes is a fabulous blog - I had to stop reading though as I developed an inferiority complex. =P

  4. I do this. It so works. I also use it with scripture note cards for myself.

    So good.


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