Mama Confessions

We threw down the "get real" challenge a few months ago, and I know we all have some sharing to do. What are some of your embarrassing but true mommy confessions this week?

1. The other day India found a new tampon in my purse and unwrapped it. She was pretty excited about it, and when I tried to take it away from her, she threw a huge fit. So I removed the tampon and let her walk around with a plastic tampon applicator for about two hours. She was so proud of that thing and had a great time with it.

2. We have been on vacation several days and forgot our wipes. I am finding that paper towels do the trick quite nicely.

3. If I am eating something that I don't want to share with my son, I tell him that it is very, very spicy. He also thinks that wine is a spicy drink.


  1. Every week a group of us moms gets together at a park or one of our homes (depending on the weather). I was frantically trying to get everything together to be prepared to be out of the house for the next few hours. I managed to get everything - diapers, wipes, burp cloth, bottle, change of clothes, you know the drill... I got out of the house, in the car and drove to moms group. I arrived at moms group and was hanging out for over an hour before I realized... I had two left flip flops on.

  2. Sometimes I tell Miles that I have to spend time getting a little "work" done (computer time).
    It's not a complete lie, at least that's what I tell myself. I mean, I do make like 10 cents an hour with my ads :)

  3. I used to think that baby wipes were a necessity, but the fact is they're not. If you really want to save money, get a pack or three of cheap baby washcloths and just wash them after use. That was my in between step before taking the leap into cloth diapering! It's not as gross as you'd think.

  4. You know what else is spicy? Mommy's favorite peanut butter ice cream.

  5. You know I must be doing something wrong when we are standing in an aisle at the grocery store looking at something, when suddenly my four year old notices the woman standing right next to us and says in a VERY loud voice, "Mama! Why is that lady so FAT!?" I wanted to die right there on the spot.

  6. My 2yr. old son occassionally thinks he is a dog! I don't mind it so much when we are at home, but we were walking through the mall one afternoon, and he had a piece of candy in his mouth. He took it out, put it on the floor, and them proceeded to get down on all fours and pick it up with his mouth! My body temp rose so fast, the exit to the mall was never going to be close enough!

  7. Heather stole mine! I do the exact same thing. Pretty much daily. "We'll play when mummy gets her work done."


  8. 1. total guilty confession here - i have gotten completely sucked into watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta. There is nothing good in these shows. A train wreck of horrible attitudes, consumption and absurd choices. And yet, i cannot stop watching.

    2. Anytime we are in a "eatery" with a display case of desserts like cupcakes and cookies, I tell my kids they are spicy treats. Total liar.

    3. I also tell my kids I am working. I have even made up a theme song called "Mama Manifesto - duper raniresto" that they sing with me while I type away. They now sing this song at random times without me even prompting them. brainwashing?


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