Have you every stumbled upon a blog that makes you feel like you are the leperchan standing at the bottom of the rainbow holding the pot of gold?  You are not the leperchan because you are short, or green, or because you talk like the lucky charms guy.  No, it is because you just found a pot of gold!

One of my new favorites blogs to visit (and stalk) is called Rookie Moms.  
It was started by Whitney & Heather, two mamas, when they were "rookie moms".  It contains all sorts of brilliant ideas that will inspire creativity and excursions for moms needing to get out and break up the monotony of the sometimes tedious tasks of mommyhood (I mean, I know we all love the continual preparation of snacks and meals and filling of the sippies,  but I am just saying, I have "friends" who sometimes feel like they may lose their minds if they do not get outside with taller people!).  I love how they have activity ideas broken down by age, or by activity type (example:  geeky, free, sleepy, quickie, etc.).  

The Rookie Moms also have a new book out that looks fabulous.

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