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We are all interested in finding less toxic products for our family. Children's toys and food items are becoming more transparent with their ingredients. But what about household items and home furnishings? During the winter, our kids spend most of their time indoors. Did you know that the air inside can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air? This can come from things as basic as flooring, window treatments, mattresses, cleaners and paints - all things are kids come into contact with every day.

The prospect of "cleaning up" our indoor air can be daunting. But like everything else, taking small steps can be the key to success. Maybe you aren't ready to throw out all your mattresses. But starting with your household cleaners is a good first step. Ready for a fresh coat of paint in the nursery, or new window treatments in your toddler's room? This is the perfect opportunity to shop for items with low toxic fumes.
But how you know which household items are truly green? We have found a great resource. GREENGUARD Certification is a program that measures and verifies the levels of chemical emissions of products being used indoors. It's a great way to find acceptable products for your next redecorating venture. You can even search for a specific product here, to find out if it meets the GREENGUARD standard. The GREENGUARD mark ensures a particular product has passed rigorous testing to prove it will emit the fewest possible pollutants into the air. Their website also has tips on choosing the right paint, reducing mold in the home, and finding ways to reduce the toxins at your child's school.


  1. I love resources like this and the Skin Deep cosmetic database! They offer us such great tools, and some of the corporations producing products accountability.

    Thanks, Greenguard!

  2. Very cool! I'll have to check it out!
    P.S. I tagged you guys! :)

  3. Greenguard is only for offgassing, not toxic content (my kids chew things too).

    Other helpful sources that list products:
    www.chps.net for Collaborative for High Performance Schools low emitting products, www.scscertified.com for 3rd party certified organic foods, offgassing, and recycled content.

    None of these are perfect. Greenguard was created by a lab that gets all the money from testing for Greenguard and no other labs are allowed to compete. This lab invented the Greenguard "standards", which have been criticized for measuring things like plasticizer chemicals in ways that do not always assure safety (see the disclaimer on the CHPS site). But they do get a lot of credit for marketing Greenguard, and their online database is easy to use.


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