TALK BACK: Dear Diet Pepsi....

I really miss you. I miss your addictive poison. I miss that you will make "my bones turn black" according to an eleven year old. (Although that is probably not a true scientific fact.) I hate that you call to me every time I see a soda fountain. But it has been six months and I can survive our separation. I have quit you before. I will probably quit you again. But for now I am spending some quality time with my new B.F.F. iced tea. Take care and enjoy harming those whose lives still have room for you.

Fellow mamas, what have you given up that still calls to you?  Have you swapped anything unhealthy recently for a healthier alternative?  Do you need some support in taking that step?  Feel free to confess it here.  Accountability is only a click away.  :)


  1. I used to drink a lot of Dr.Pepper. Daily. With age, that became a problem since it's FULL of sugar and calories and my metabolism thought it should slow down for some reason.
    Now I have one cup of coffee every morning and that's about it.
    I still treat myself to an occasional DP though. It's just so yummy.

    I'm currently working on giving up more unhealthy habits and struggling. So yes, please encourage. Restraint IS NOT my strong suit.

  2. Well, given that I am pregnant, I've given up the mommy juice. Now, I'm no lush, but I do enjoy the occasional margarita or mojito. I am really, really missing those right now~

  3. OMG, I used to not be a soda drinker but we went on vaca a couple weeks ago and I thought I am on vaca I can have a coke well since I am home. My body is like give me the caff. Yesterday I had to go get one. So lame then my 17 mo old wanted some. I was like H*11 no it is not healthy. But it is healthy for me? No. I have a new outlook if I would give it to me kids i will eat or drink if not then I shouldn't. Make sense. Easier said then done. But I will try. the reason I am so nutrition nazi is my kids. They have made us better eaters for sure. Not to say we ate sucky before. But you know what I mean, rt.?

  4. Kristen- I missed red wine when I was pregnant too. :)
    Melissa- yes, it's so true that having kids helps you make better decisions about healthful eating and lifestyle. I heard it said once,
    "when you became a parent, you gave up your right to self destruct."
    So true. Not that we were all trashing ourselves, but it does help us to make better choices.

  5. i'm also pregnant but not currently giving anything up (i avoid coffee and alcohol anyway). I did try to give up chocolate for a year a couple of years ago. Lasted 9 months and didn't do any good for my cravings later on. :)

  6. I gave up Diet Pepsi but went ahead and added coffee ... so I'm pretty sure that's just wash!


  7. I replace sweet junk with fruit leather. Not as good as eating the fruit itself, but it's sweet like candy and helps with the cravings.

    I gave up all pop about seven years ago. Now when I indulge it makes me sick.

  8. kimberly, i totally gave up pop when i started running alot. now i can't have any of it! If I do my stomach just churns and hates me!

    I also have given up frappaccinos from starbucks. I know that sounds silly, but I used to have so many! And it was way to much money, way to many , calories, caffeine and sugar. Now the thought of one is not even appealing

  9. This post is perfect timing for me! I am on my way to giving up Diet Coke...In fact today was the first day where I consciously did not take one with me to lunch!! And...I survived :) Baby steps! It is nice to hear that I am not the only struggling through this!


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