A Solo Vacation Daydream

We all need a break from life every now and again right? It's one of my favorite things to daydream about actually. I love being a mom, but I also love daydreaming about sleeping in. And reading a whole day away. Or watching a movie with no interruptions. Or going to the bathroom by myself. Stuff like that.

I had one of these delicious daydreams today and I wanted to tell you what I brought along on my solo vacation. (Yes, I am there by myself. All alone. No one else. Not even a good friend (that's a different daydream)). And I'm at a cabin by a lake. And it's a perfect summer day. Or days. Or a week. There's a breeze, but not the kind that gives me goosebumps. Until night. It can be the chilly breeze at night because then I can grab a sweatshirt and read outside on the porch swing. A porch swing that has a Skittles "taste the rainbow" dispenser. Because I love me some Skittles.I'm bringing a laptop as my "must have" item. Not to stay connected and dive furthur into my blog addiction, but to write. I type MUCH faster than how I write with a pen, so it's necessary. My brain moves too fast for a pokey pen.

I would also bring the book I'm trying to finish, "The God of Animals," by Aryn Kyle. I've loved it so far and would really like the chance to finish it without falling asleep after reading two sentences.

The next book would be "The Shack" because it's sitting on my nightstand and I'm super excited to read it and then demand everyone listens to my opinions about it. I have a feeling I might really, really like it. That's because Tara Livesay of the Livesay (Haiti) Weblog recommended it and she rocks the party.

Next I would bring one book that I have never read and can't figure out how I haven't gotten around to it. So many books, so little time. Mine would be "The Red Tent." Yes, it's true, it sits sadly on my bookshelf, being skipped over for the latest craze time after time.

I do love books more than just about anything. But I would also like to bring along a whole series of a television show. This was hard for me, but I think I would have to choose just one so I'd be sure to get my reading and skittle eating done. Ally McBeal or Ed? Ally McBeal or Ed? It's so hard, it's so hard....I'm going to have to say Ally wins because it's been much longer since I've seen her last, and I loved that show. While watching every episode, Robert Downey, Jr. will come on the scene as Ally's love interest, and I will just sit smiling and eating skittles cause I think he's dreamy.

(I promise I'll eat something besides Skittles at some point, but I'm on vacation!)

I will also bring toiletries and underwear, but that's about it. Maybe a change of clothes. Other than that, I would have all I need.

(As long as I had contact with my three boys back home at least twice a day, I'd be perfectly happy.)

So what would you bring? Tell! It's a fun daydream and you deserve it! If you don't read books, tell me other stuff you'd bring. And then I will daydream your daydream for you, in case you don't have time:
1. Must-have item
2. A book to finish
3. A book you've been dying to read
4.A book you've never read and can't figure out how that happened.
5. A television series on DVD.


  1. This is a fun daydream!

    Okay, here is mine:
    1. must have item - journal and pens
    2. book to finish - no other gods, by kelly minter
    3. book to read - the shack (it has been sitting on my nightstand for about 3 months...I know i will love it but just cannot motivate!)
    4. a book i have never read - hmmm...still thinking on this one
    5. a tv series - i might have to bring the entire series of felicity.

    When do we leave?

  2. Ali, my husband's favorite show is Felicity. I'm not joking. I realize he's a man, and it's kind of a girl show. But he's in love with Carrie Russell. :)

  3. 1. Must-have item- my husband!!! We have never been away together since we had kids... over three years now.
    2. A book to finish- I've been neglecting my house to finish books lately, so I'll skip this one, I am going to be with my hubby and won't have a lot of time to read.
    3. A book you've been dying to read- I'm a creature of habit and would rather reread something familiar than something new, so I would reread Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer
    4.A book you've never read and can't figure out how that happened- Hmmm... maybe Blue Like Jazz or The Shack. Everyone talks about these books and I am rereading teenage romance novels featuring vampires!
    5. A television series on DVD- Since I am with my hubby, Either The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy or The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    It does sound nice, but who's with my kiddos?

  4. what a great daydream!

    1. must have item- tooth brush or face wash. im practical
    2. book to finish - Who Stole My Church by Gordon MacDonald
    3.book to read- something borrowed, something blue and baby proof-box set so it looks like one
    4. book I have never read- Pride and Prejudice
    5. tv series- seinfeld

  5. What a great post! (I drifted here from kadyhope's site.)
    1. Must-have item: Coffee, and my husband, because he prepares the coffee. :)
    2. A book to finish: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson
    3. A book you've been dying to read: Three Cups of Tea/Mortenson
    4.A book you've never read and can't figure out how that happened. Grapes of Wrath (shouldn't that have been assigned somewhere along the line?!)
    5. A television series on DVD. Oh shoot... We don't have a TV, so I have about 10 years of viewing to catch up on. I'd start with Arrested Development -- still have never seen it.

  6. janelle,
    I took a peek at your blog - what a photo journal!

    I also wanted to play imaginary vacation again because it's been awhile since I first wrote this post.
    1. must have - still the computer
    2. book to finish - the Shack, I'm almost done!
    3. book to read - Twilight, I'm so curious...
    4. never read - still putting off The Red Tent
    5. Since I said Ally McBeal before, I get to say ED this time. Oh, how I loved that show...

  7. Heather,

    I read Twilight back in June (and the rest of the series) and I think I've read it four or five time now. I am a sucker for romance and the vampire angle didn't bother me one bit, at least not the way Meyer wrote them. Be prepared to ditch your family for a few days when you pick it up, it is very addictive.

  8. 1. Must-have item - good sheets and/or bathrobe and dark chocolate
    2. A book to finish - Anna Karenina or maybe the Baron in the Trees
    3. A book you've been dying to read - The Shack is on my list of die-to-reads, but doesn't sound like very enticing vacation reading. Maybe a little too emotional for a relaxing getaway. I think maybe I would choose something a little more junk-food-y or maybe just pick up whatever suits my fancy at that little used book shop down the street from your lakeside cabin. If I did that I probably wouldn't finish the book, but who cares, right? I'm on vacation.
    4.A book you've never read and can't figure out how that happened. - The Catcher in the Rye
    5. A television series on DVD. - something completely indulgent and ridiculous. Maybe one of those hokey PBS mystery mini-series. Those are fun.

  9. 1. Must-have item: Fanny-pack with sketchbook and paints, so I can hike somewhere, and then capture it!

    2. Book to finish: The Mermaid Chair or Sarah's Quilt

    3. Book I'm dying to read: Have heard that Woman in White is a wonderful Dickens-era mystery. Also just added Lying Awake (by Mark Salzman) to my Amazon shopping cart.

    4. Book I've never read: Um...the last three Twilight books?

    5. a tv series - Don't watch much tv (although we had a great Office party here last night!). Maybe the Gilmore Girls. I like the snappy dialogue and witty banter.

  10. The Author of that Twilight book is so stoked right now for all the promotion! I guess I have to add that to my list.

    Heather- I love that your hubby loves Felicity. Good thing he married you - you are witty and introspective and funny just like "Felicity".

    Mike & Rachel - I have to do a shameful plug for my hubby. When you read Blue Like Jazz, make sure you buy my husband's "swirling" CD on itunes to listen to while you read. He wrote the majority of that album to be played live in the "Blue Like Jazz" play that was done out here in California. It is one of his best projects to date and really, really makes the book come alive in an amazing way. (look for Drew Bray on itunes).

    Janelle - I am with you on Arrested Development. I hear about this show all the time (Kristen is one of my closest friends and she is a tad obsessed with AD) and I have never watched it.

    Charette- Oh, how I love Rory and Loreli! Just reading your post about the Gilmore Girls made me want to go make some coffee and watch it! I love that show. The witty banter and Stars Hollow flair is a true gift. I was so sad when that show went off the air.

    It is so fun reading all your comments on this one, ladies! I am wishing that we could all get away together. I guess they would not be solo vacations anymore. Perhaps we could all have our own cabins in a mini commune. Maybe that sounds freaky. If you are new to Mama Manifesto, we do not stalk eachother. :)

  11. I wanted to wait until today...Friday...and now I can enjoy my vacation daydream.
    1. Must have item - notebook and pencil (I love to plan parties, vacations, weddings...it makes me happy)
    2.Book to Finish- The Shack...it is sitting on my bedside table. I started it over the summer while I was reading another book with my book club and I feel that this book needs to be read alone..no distractions.
    3. Book to read-Redeeming Love..it was actually just recommendedto me and I looked it up on Amazon and looks excellent.
    4. Book I can't believe I haven't read- Jane Eyre..I feel like Ihave read it but can't think of waht it is about and I want to know..lol.
    5. T.V. Series- Dawson's Creek...didn't even have to think about that one. :)


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