I stumbled into a blogging worm hole the other day. It is the most tragic and beautiful hole to tumble down. There is this beautiful blogging mother of 4 delicious children who has been keeping her own blog for a while called The NieNie Dialogues. It is almost as though you are reading an infomercial about motherhood and being a wife when you read it. She makes it look that good. Gratitude and grace seep out of her narrative. She adores her husband ( "Mr. Nielson" is what she calls him throughout her entire blog), the true man of her dreams and apparent soul mate. "Where is the tragedy?", you ask. This beautiful mother and her Mr. Nielson were in a plane crash in August and they are both in very, very serious condition. She has burns over 80% of her body.  He has burns over 50% of his body.


I read through her entire blog last night. Because I know about her current condition, I could not help but weep through the entire thing. Here I am reading about this mother's love for her family and husband, and reading about how she delights in her children and family, knowing that she is seperated from them, unable to care for them, and in an induced coma. What went through her head as the plane went down? Was she at peace or did she fight her way out to see her babies again? She is certainly fighting now. The photos of her show how incredibly beautiful she is. It pains me to think of her in her hospital room wrapped up like a mummy. But, the beauty that you read in her words, that is her beauty still. And, when I think of her children -- how are they processing being in the presence of this woman who has been their ever present source of love and nurture, and then suddenly not.  What must it feel like for them to not only be without their parents, but also to have moved from their home in Arizona to Utah at the blink of an eye? Oh, how my thoughts and prayers are with this family.

But, her story is still being told. Her sister, Jane (who is such an amazing writer as well!), is now taking care of her children for her. Jane, who had one little baby in her brood, now has her sister's children and the way that she chronicles all that is going on is so, so beautiful. I love the way she talks about her sister. She wrote this:

I ended the day talking to Mom in Mesa while watching the steady rain fall underneath the street lamp from my front window. Mom is weary even though all is going as expected. Christian is healing well. Steph's progress is slow.

"Remember to be grateful for the Lord every day of your life." She said to me in a tired voice.

Just before I sat down to write I double checked all of my babies. I kissed each one and whispered a little secret in their ear. The Chief was sleeping mouth opened wide. I stood and watched him for awhile.

"It was a nice day." I whispered out loud in the quiet nursery.

"Indeed it was." I felt Steph reply back.
This hits me hard. I have a sister that I adore. I cannot help but think about her as I read about this family. I don't want to ever, ever lose my sister. She has been my sister my whole life. Always there to pick me up, to help me with whatever I need help with. To listen to me cry. To encourage me in my life, marriage and parenting. She is the friend I have had longest in my life. We will still be skinny dipping on our last night of summer vacation when we are old and wrinkled and our boobs are hanging down to our belly buttons. We will be up all night, together, the night before our daughters' weddings, crafting away and tying ribbons, I am sure. We will be standing hand in hand someday when we say good bye to our parents. I cannot imagine a scenario in life without her nearby. I know that I would also run to scoop up her babies if anything happened to her. And, I know she would do the same for me.

So, this is my prayer: Please, God, keep my sister safe. Let us grow old together. And, hold this family in the palm of your hand. I pray for hope. For healing. And, for these 4 little children, that they would be covered by peace that surpasses all understanding. Would you rest Your hand upon their heads and comfort them in the absence of their parents? Would you whisper words of hope and joy in their ears and keep fear and insecurity far, far away from their hearts and minds? I know that these parents have worked hard to build a foundation of strength and hope in these precious souls. Redeem that work now, please. I pray for Jane, that you would give her strength as she cares for these precious souls.

Oh, how I ache for these sisters. Oh, how I ache for this family.  Scroll down to see their beauty!  And, please, please go to their blogs:  Jane's & NieNie's.  You will immediately want to go and wrap your children in the warmest hug humanly possible.

{You can donate to help out this family. (click on the Nie recovery button above) And, you can pray! Pray, mamas, pray. Pray, sisters, pray.}


  1. Oh how you spoke my heart here lady. I heard about this right after it happened and have been thinking and praying every day.

    There's a recent post on my blog about a book that's being done (by bloggers) giving the proceeds to Stephanie and Christian and their family. The hilarious lady that's heading it up is Sue from
    navel gazing at its finest (blogspot)
    Just yesterday or the day before she laid out how to submit something for the book. So if anyone is interested that's a fun way to help.

    Stephanie really is an inspiring mother. Her words have been an encouragement and reminder to me a lot lately, to cherish every moment and look at motherhood with joyful eyes. I'm sure she has had her bad days in the mothering trenches as we all have, but she just seems to try so hard to focus on what matters.
    Thank you for this post. SO well said!

  2. What a beautiful post- and a touching story. You are an amazing sister and one that will be fun to grow old with, I pray God gives us the opportunity to do so.

  3. I've been following and praying too...


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