RE-Use Idea ... REcycling Old Baby Bottles {Don't Throw Them Away!}

Whether you are getting rid of your old baby bottles because you realize they are made with BPA, or your kiddo has graduated to the sippy cup (congratulations!), don't throw those bottles away just yet.

There are a few ways that you can get some more use out of them, instead of sending them to the land-fill:

  1. add them to your sand toys for the beach or park
  2. use them for holding paint for your crafty kiddos
  3. one of my favorite ways to get more use out of them is by filling them with crayons and putting the lids back on (with the little stopper thingy or nipple in the lid). Stash these in your diaper bag, storage compartment in your car, purse, etc. for emergency coloring sessions (at the doctor's office, a restaurant, stuck in traffic...). My son especially loves letting the crayons fall through the lid (when you remove the stopper thingy - "thingy" is the technical term) and then putting them back in. Well, he loves doing that almost as much as he loves rolling the crayons off the table!


  1. Great idea. I love the crayon thingy! :)

  2. so smart! i also sometimes use old jelly jars or the like to put tea, coffee grounds, chocolate chips etc. Then you are re-using and can leave them out because they are cute if you are low on space!

  3. That is so, so brilliant! I'm going to go rescue mine from the garage sale pile!

  4. I don't know if they are still doing this but over the summer Babies r us was taking them back due to the whole BPA thing. They were giving out full refunds on a gift card.

  5. Re-Use Ideas are great!

    I would like to share another idea. Moms might have thought of this one already though.
    I always found keeping the pacifier clean was a challenge. Pacifier case/pod cost as much as the pacifiers. I managed to keep it in Zip-lock bags for quite sometime.
    But, small, Gerber food plastic boxes are a 'made to fit' pacifier case. I Love that. Those plastic boxes are not wasted and also I have many free pacifier pods.

  6. Lakshmi-

    What a great idea! I have used my empty baby food containers to hold paint for painting projects, or to carry snacks around in the diaper bag, but using them as a pacifier pod is brilliant!

    Thanks for sharing that with us!


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