Poopasaurus Rex.

Since this little child ceases to amaze me with her antics (check out this morning's picture) I dug up the original email I sent to my friends regarding the inaugural Poopgate 2007. We were trying to coordinate a girls craft weekend and I was beyond desperate for a break. Enjoy.

Because before I didn't need to get away bad enough, let me share with you the past 24 hours.
They are so wonderful.
Put the kids to bed last night.
Woke up early to have my coffee. Went outside to get the paper.
Notice the MASSIVE toilet paper job bestowed upon our house courtesy of the Jr. High football team.
Thanks to all of the parents who let their children participate. Nice. On a church day.
Jason is out of town writing his book. Guess who gets to clean it up?
Picked up the house and did millionth load of cloth diapers. (Totally over it.)
Made an eggnog latte. First happy moment.
Smelled major poop. Assumed it was Halley's pull-up, no biggie.
Get Halley up. Change poopy pull-up. Put her in the costume of the day. Today it is Cinderella.
Lucy is whining in her crib. The usual. Open her door.
OH @#%*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My little Houdini unzipped her sleeper and removed her ENORMOUS POOPY DIAPER!
Poop everywhere.
Every rung of the crib. The walls. The sheets. Babydolls. Blankets. Carpet. Turtle that plays music and lights. Eyes. Ears. Hair. Mouth. Nose. Torso. Arms. Legs.
Now Halley is crying because Lucy looks so scary.
Take picture to send to Jason.
Bathe Lucy.
Get them cereal and put on Yo Gabba Gabba.
Use just about every Clorox wipe in the house.
Throw music and lights turtle in trash. Bye bye $25.
As I am contorting to clean the crib my favorite jeans rip. Bye bye $50 plus another $20 for alterations. Now they are in the trash with the poop extravaganza.
It' s only 9 a.m.
When are we leaving?
Seriously... when?


  1. Wow - she is a little Houdini. I thought your solution with the little eye hook over her zipper was genius, but it looks like she's going to outsmart you after all.
    Good luck!

  2. Your are so funny.... but most if not all of us have been ther. My Dad was a twin and my grandmother always told the story of the day she found her babies had covered themselves together at nap time. When I learned I was pregnant it was something I always kidded with my husband that I worried I would have to deal with too. Sure enought when my daughter was about 16 months, it happend one day at naptime. As I cam around the corner the smell was awful. I opened the door and there she was head to toe, just as you describe....momentarliy I just didn't know where to begin to deal with it...so I called my husband at work and said "it happned" He knew instantly what I was talking about and burst into laughter.
    Lessons learned...you betcha...footles pajamas on backwards with the zipper in the back and I never let her sleep in...I would open her door so she could wake up slowly to the sounds of the house..it may have cost me a little extra me time, but it beats cleaning that mess up again.

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. WOW. That has yet to happen to me!!!


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