Our New Weekly Features: FRIDAY GIVEAWAYS!!!

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a weekly giveway on Mama Manifesto. We have lots of fun ideas for products and goodies that we think you will love. So come back every Friday to see what we've got, and to enter for a chance to win.

For our first giveaway, we will be offering a great new book called My Bag & Me. This board book follows a boy and his reusable shopping bag on a trip to the grocery store. It's a fun way to introduce the ReUse idea to kids. It includes a FREE reusable Tyvek shopping bag that kids can tote on their next shopping trip to show-off their eco-awareness!

To enter, leave a comment answering the following question:
what children's book do you love for imparting a great learning lesson to your kids?

We will draw the winner at random. Check back next Friday to find out the winner, and to hear about our next giveaway!


  1. I love imparting lessons to the kids with a "vintage" series called "Let's Talk About" and each book has a topic like: whining, bragging, tantrums, showing off etc. The kids ask me all the time to read them.

  2. The Giving Tree... my fave as a mom and a teacher.

  3. I'd have to say the bible - a children's version. My girl is under one and loves her "colors" book, but I'm sure that the bible will give her many years of stories and life lessons to learn over and over again as the bible becomes new to her eyes each time she sees and reads it.

    And no, I'm not kissing up. :P

  4. What a great idea! And a great question too!! I have loads of books on my favorites list for my kids, but here are a few that I can think of off the top of my head:

    *For Spiritual truth and profound message of God's gospel of LOVE - The Jesus Storybook Bible

    *For a great lesson on the value of being yourself - A Bad Case of the Stripes

    *For a very cute, short and sweet story that addresses adoptive and/or multi-ethnic families with a message about how families don't all look the same - A Mother For Choco

    *For older kids (advanced elementary and early tween/teen), a book about working hard, trusting God, loving deeply and grieving a loss Where the Red Fern Grows

  5. When I was a First Grade teacher I read "Armadillo Tattletale" by Helen Ketteman to teach my first graders about what it means to be a tattletale. My son is only 2 years old and has not started into this stage, yet :), but he still enjoys this book with it's colorful illustrations by Keith Graves and creative rhyme.

  6. The Kissing Hand, and A Pocket Full of Kisses. They teach that we still love our little ones when we leave and that we still love them when a sibling comes along.

  7. Ok, to be honest, I don't have kids yet and Anthony and I are just now preparing to get pregnant but my favorite book for kids to learn a lesson is "I love my hair" by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley. This is geared toward African American girls and since Anthony is African American, I think it will help our children with accepting who they are and not just accepting it, but loving it!!!

  8. I really like Dr Seuss's "My Many Colored Days" to teach kids it's ok to have different feelings and moods. I also like "The Shape of Me and Other Stuff", also by Dr Seuss because it teaches kids to be proud of the shapes they're made in. (OK, so do I get 2 entries since I listed 2 books?!)

  9. The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones is AWESOME. The best preschool story Bible I've found.

    There are other great secular books on our shelves with good messages that I love too, but what's better than the Word of God?! And this version is so readable and understandable. :)

  10. We really loved a Sesame Street book called "We're Different, We're the Same". It teaches kids that deep down, we're all the same, no matter what color skin we have. My husband's favorite is "Guess How Much I Love You", teaching kids the unconditional love parents have for them.
    Hard to pick just one!

  11. I also love the Jesus Storybook Bible. Very accessible and kid-friendly without being demeaning.

    The Bearenstein Bear books are another favorite around here. They all have moral lessons, and many stick. The book about the galloping greedy gimmees is especially popular.

  12. My daughter received the best book for her birthday - "Eco Babies Wear Green" by Michelle Sinclair Colman. Just one line statements with a really cute pic to go along with it.
    "Eco Babies Carpool"
    "Eco Babies Eat Local"
    I think it's great to teach "being green" at an early age!

  13. I love the Harold and the Purple Crayon series. Harold can do anything with his crayon and I try to instill that into my boys as well. Anything is possible, just dream it and do it.

  14. my son has a book called "fletcher and the falling leaves" which he loves because the main character shares his name, but i love it because it talks about how change isn't always bad and how beauty can come from many different appearances and situations.

  15. Oh my goodness! To pick a favorite children's book is like taking a child to the candy store and telling them to pick "one". I love the book "Hip hip hooray for Annie McRae". It teaches children that they have the choice of what kind of day to have. It also teaches how we can have a positive affect on someone elses day. I can't resist one more, "Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge". This one is about a boy who lives next door to an elderly home. He learns about memories and helps one of the residents find hers. It teaches children the wealth of love and lessons to be learned from the elderly people around us. We all need to spend more time with them! What a fun post. I can't wait to check out all of the suggestions.

  16. Can I list two?

    One is a precious picture book called “I Love You, Mommy” by Jillian Harker. It’s about a little cub who keeps rushing off to do various things despite his mommy warning, “Wait a minute…there’s something you might want to know first.” But the cub ignores, of course, and fails. Mommy lovingly shows cub how to do it and cub thinks, “This feels good…I love Mommy.” The last time, cub stops short and listens to Mommy first before rushing off and all goes well. I refer to this book all the time with my daughter.

    The other is a kids’ devotional book, which I read to my kids right before their nap. It’s called “Devotions for Preschoolers” by Crystal Bowman. There’s one for every day of the year. Each devotion includes a bible verse and a little prayer. It includes all the topics I’d want to draw out of the Bible to teach my kids. It’s written for a preschooler’s level. My daughter LOVES it.


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