Lazy Mama's Skyline 3-Way

For a healthy spin on a mid-west favorite (and for a lazy day after making our chili), try our Skyline 3-Way. Now before your mind enters the gutter, this refers to Cincinnati's favorite menu item: spagetti, chili, and cheese.

We make this a healthy entree by subbing whole-wheat pasta, a veggie-packed chili, and a smaller portion of cheese. And it's the perfect way to recycle last night's chili.
1 box whole-wheat spaghetti
2 cups leftover lazy mama's chili
1 pouch shredded cheddar
Just cook the pasta, smother in chili, and douse with cheese!

Do you have any favorite night-after dishes you can share with us, that double-duty your leftovers?


  1. We will have to try this! We LOVE Skyline Chili (we are in the Cincy area, and yes they have a cult following LOL) Your version sounds delish!

    Karen (HP foster moms)

  2. I just ate at Skyline last week when I was in Kentucky to visit my grandmother.

    I'm not knocking your healthy version, but did you know you can get spice packets and make Cincinnati chili right in your own home? You just need ground beef, tomato paste and the right envelope.

  3. classic double duty meal: pancakes, and then for a snack the next day, but have them cold with jelly on them, folded up like a wrap. delicious!

  4. I often use chili for sloppy joes, or serve it on baked potatoes.

    One of my favourites it to make roast chicken and serve it with rice, suace, and steamed broccoli. Then use the leftover chicken, rice, and broccoli to make a creamy casserole.


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