It's no secret.

With the back to school hustle, the necessity to throw together a quick lunch in the morning can leave us falling short of the fabulous five food groups. 

To promote more veggies, Welch's has issued a challenge: P.A.C.K. Week!! (PACK stands for Pack Assorted Colors for Kids ). Put yourself to the test September 22-26 and see if you can make the grade along with other mamas (and lunch packing daddies, of course) by turning your regularly scheduled lunch into rainbows of healthy goodness.

Here's how it works. Each day pack a different color fruit or vegetable to coordinate with the nationwide schedule:


To see some more fun activities, new ideas, and helpful information check out Pack Assorted Colors for Kids Week.

...and then, get packing!

For those of us mamas with kids of pre - grade school ages, maybe we can challenge our kids to "Eat The Rainbow" [no, silly, not skittles!] every day at home with us this week.  That is how we talk about eating a varied diet of fruits and veggies in our house.  At most meals, we look at our plate and try to see if we have most of the rainbow represented.  My 5 year old will now glance at her plate and say, "uh-oh, I need more colors here."  

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