Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

We recently added a statcounter to our blog, and we were giddy to find that people all over the world are reading Mama Manifesto. How fun!

But who are you? And how did you find us?

It's delurking day here at Mama Manifesto. Who are you, Czech Republic? Who are you, South Africa, and Texas, and Ontario, and Philippines, and Korea? Give us a shout out.


  1. Found this blog through Kristen. I am loving it.
    I just posted about you guys on my blog!

  2. Found this blog from Kristen's site about a week ago (or so). I found Kristen's through searching through some adoption sites.

    I am from the most exotic place on the planet...TEXAS. ha. And no I don't wear boots or own a cowboy hat.

  3. I found this blog through Heather at The Extraordinary Ordinary and I'm so glad she put up a link to you gals!

    I could be showing up from just about anywhere in Canada (on my own statcounter I sometimes show as Toronto, or Calgary, or Vancouver).


  4. south african hubby of one of the mamas and SO proud of you guys! you're doing an amazing job with this blog.

  5. Hello! I found you... well... cuz you found me! Got a comment from you yesterday! Not sure how you found me, but as I look around, I see that we actually have a lot of friends in common. So, yeah! Nice to meet you. :-D

    Oh, and I'm in the glorious state of Colorado.

  6. I found this blog one day... I'm not a parent, but we're planning to start a family in the next few years. I'm also a grade one teacher, which means I'm around the little tykes all day long and I get a few "insights" into what parnets experience while I work with kids all day. I love the ideas in this blog.

    Vancouver, Canada

  7. I'm no lurker.
    Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary here. I was lucky enough to be stumbled upon by Kristen and have been a Manifesto fan ever since.

    I'm from Minnesota, by the way. Usually I show up as St Paul. :)

  8. I am a blogger myself and love to hit the "next blog" button (at the top) and just see what comes up. One day I was lucky enough to stumble onto this site...and I've been hooked ever since :)

    Oh, and I'm in Jacksonville, Florida.

  9. So Jamie, you will shortly be a Texas gal with Debra, right?

    Kimberly - so glad you found us, although I hardly recognized you with your sassy new 'do!! lookin's good.

    hmmm . . . mystery south african hubby . . . who could that be?

    Brillig - loving your blog. not sure how we got there, but the fates intervened.

    Katherine - feel free to shoot me an email with any topics that would be relevant to you in preparing to be a mama

    Heather EO - how did I stumble upon you? I can't remember. I'm just so glad it happened.

    Heather - that's the best story yet! I didn't even know that feature existed. I tried it and got blogs for a homeowner's association in new jersey, and a Malaysian hi-fi stereo store. Not quite as exciting.


  10. Katherine- I think it is awesome that you are already investigating parenting stuff. There are so many things that I wish I had known before I brought my first child home.

    -Brillig & Kristen - I can unveil the mystery... I found Brillig through Heather of the eo. It is like our own version of the Kevin Bacon Game.

    Oh the blogging worm holes I get sucked into...

  11. I am from Washington State.

    I found this blog through Kristen's site as well, and I am not even sure if I remember how I found her blog... probably browsing through tedium and boringness when I happened upon her startlingly clever little gem of a blog. Or maybe it was one of those nights when I was throwing a pre-adoptive mama pity-party, you know one of those evenings when my misery was looking for company. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was the one... I like her perspective and her witty sarcasm. I am ever so glad I've found a whole lot more of that over here at Mama Manifesto.

  12. I might have been the one to show Czech Republic, although currently in TX. Really enjoy your site, mamas!! =)
    Oh, and I found this site through Kristen!

  13. I am in Knoxville, TN but I used to live in Huntington Bch, CA. Went to RH for 7 yrs. I found it through another blog. Sorta a rabbit hole of blogging.


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