Stop Making the Bed

Just wanted to share this time-saving tip with other moms:

I like having our beds made, but I was getting really tired of making my son's bed every morning. He has a captain's bed, that is high and against the wall, so it was a lot of tucking, a lot of climbing, a lot of tucking. So. . . .
I decided to leave his bed made and have him sleep on top of the comforter/quilt. At night, we just cover him with the red blanket. In the morning, all I have to do is fold the red blanket. No climbing, no tucking, just folding. Under the quilt, I have a wide piece of plastic liner over the sheets, so if there is ever a night-time accident, all I have to do is pull off the quilt and wash it. I don't even deal with the sheets. Ever. Once a week, I wash the red blanket and the quilt. Easy peasy.
I highly recommend that you revolt against making your child's bed, until they are old enough to make it themselves.


  1. I think you know without my saying so that this is pure brilliance!

  2. LOVE it. Even though I generally just leave all beds totally mussed up for all the world to see...

  3. Who has time to make a bed? Ours us usually made by throwing up the covers and straightening out the obvious wrinkles...

    And for my girl, she's still in a crib with her beloved bunny and bear. Only the leaky diaper incidents make me wrestle the crib mattress and change her bedding.

  4. after my young son wet his bed last night (just a little bit, as he always says...) i did exactly what you suggested and i am so smug. that's right. self-satisfied and victorious... it is the little things that make all the difference!


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