Restaurant Score Card

This is an interesting little tidbit.  It is a "Restaurant Score Card" for "family friendly" establishments.  

I was surprised to see Quizno's get a poor grade.  Happy to see Chik-fil-a get a high score...  I love that place!  

How does your favorite place stack up?


  1. We're big Chik-Fil-a fans too!!!

    Mama loves the sweet tea... the kiddos love the chicken and play area...

    Did you know that Chik-fil-a will allow you to trade in the prize from the kids meal for an ice cream cone????

  2. Loraine - no i did not know that! That is such a great tip! Thanks for sharing.

    Do you think my kids would notice if I trade their toy in for my own ice cream cone? :)


  3. My heart is breaking for Chipotle's 'D'
    Yes, portion sizes are too big, but then we split things and save money at the same time.
    I still give it an 'A' in my heart (:

  4. Heather-

    I am with you! I love Chipotle! I think sharing the portions, and asking for less sour cream and guac helps too!


  5. oh, and chik-fil-a has kids eat free every tuesday afternoon/evening. Score one for them!!


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