Re-Use Idea ... REcycling Old T-Shirts

Here is a killer idea from Martha Stewart for using old t-shirts that you are no longer wearing!  It also gives you a great "bag" that you can use for shopping or toting random kids' crap stuff from hither to yon.

I think some of my daughter's t-shirts would make the cutest purses.  And, using light-weight t-shirts for this would give me the perfect reusable bags for produce.

Come on, you know you want to show everyone that "Team Building 1999" shirt!  

If you can sew a straight line, you can do this!

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  1. awesome! i'm so doing that! i tried to make my daughter a dress out of my I luv NY shirt (that I bought on the street and never fit me) but I made a mistake and cut it too small! This looks like an even more practical project for old shirts! Gotta love Martha!

  2. So clever. If I could only sew in a straight line...

  3. I am willing myself to remember this idea so that when my daughter grows out of some of her favorite shirts, and even soft t-shirt dresses, we can turn them into pool bags or purses for her. My mommy brain may not allow me to retain this information, though!

    Nicole - your daughter would so belong alongside Apple Martin and Violet Affleck with a bag like that. :)

    -Jamie - sewing a straight line is much easier than it seems. I dare you to try it!

    :) Ali


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