Private Time

Have I mentioned how much I love the show Little Bill? These writers are genius, and today they made my life a little easier.

Just this morning I was thinking about how it was probably time for Jafta to embrace the concept of "alone time". Jafta is a seriously social kid. He is an extrovert with a capital E. Jafta loves being around people, and it's adorable and loveable and inspiring and COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY EXHAUSTING. This is the kid who begged to have all four of us pack up and move into the studio apartment we own, because he thought life would be better if we all shared one room all the time. Jafta's life dream is that I will someday read a Dr. Sears book and decide to go all "family bed" on him. He wants human interaction, all day every day.

But . . . mama needs some space, and I've been thinking of introducing a daily "private time" in 10-15 minute intervals. This isn't too much to ask, right? Wrong. Jafta is the kind of kid who considers our weekly date nights to be a personal affront, and is deeply wounded that Mark has to leave the house to go to work from time to time. So I've been seriously wracking my brain all morning as to how to introduce this concept to him, without it feeling like I'm breaking up with him.
"Jafta, mommy loves you, but she'd like to to play quietly in your room for 10 minutes today. Yes, while mommy is in another room. Please stop crying. Yes, I still love you. Please stop clinging to my leg and let me walk out of your room."

I don't picture this going well at all.

Enter today's episode of Little Bill, which was like a little mama shortcut sent from God above. An episode about "Private Time". An episode where Little Bill learns that mommy and daddy need some time alone sometimes, even though they love him very much.

Thank you, Noggin! THANK YOU!! Here's hoping that tomorrow, this episode has spared my son some abandonment issues, and that mommy's need for private time may seem a little easier to understand.


  1. how bummed am i that we no longer get noggin. It is my favorite channel for kids' shows and I LOVE LITTLE BILL!

    Score one for the benefits of watching TV!

    Alone time/quiet time is such a hard concept to get, but so important for everyone's sanity. It is a gift for our kids to learn how to chill, on their own, and entertain themselves.

    Let us know how it goes with Jafta!


  2. This made me laugh. I started getting me time when I introduced my 3 year old to the computer. She doesn't want me anywhere near her so she can do what she wants. "Go read your book, Mommy!"

    What about putting a gate in his doorway and leaving his door open so he still has some access to you for starting off?

  3. "Little Bill" has come to my rescue at times as well. That's such a well-written and age-appropriate show.

    Long Live Noggin!

  4. I'm a huge fan of setting a timer so the kids can see how much time they have for their quiet play time. I also have found success with setting up stations they can rotate through. My daughter didn't have a hard time playing on her own at all but my son always has. I've found if I break up his time with different activities and rotate him through that he will be able to focus longer. I do have to manage it a bit so it's not completely independent. He does still try and talk to me the entire time with constant "guess what Mama," and "look at this!"

  5. Oh I LOOOVE Little Bill!

    And love Noggin. I think i enjoy it more than my kids.


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