Forever 21, Why Do You Hate Me?

Dear Sir ('cause I know a woman would not be behind this):

I have an issue with the sizing at your store. I know, I know. The name of your store should be a warning. I'm not 21 - not even close. I know that my needs could be better met in a store called "Forever Mid-Thirties". Or "Despereately Clinging to My Youth". But still, your budget prices and sassy fashions beckon me in again and again.

During my last visit to your store, I found an adorable asian-print dress that would be a great number for an upcoming dinner. I grabbed it in a size LARGE, because I've been to your store before. I know that I am a medium-sized gal according to the folks at Gap and Old Navy, but in your store, I'm a large. I've made my peace with that. Until today.

I tried on the dress. I could barely get in on. I almost needed assistance getting it back off. This dress was so tight that any thoughts of moving or sitting while wearing it would be disastorous. This dress did not fit me for dirt.

Which leads me to believe that, according to your store, I AM AN EXTRA-LARGE.

I sheepishly ask the dressing room person for the dress in an XL. Oh wait . . . you don't even carry that size.

Now. I am an average-sized girl. I usually hover between a size 8 and a size 10. Yes, I could lose a few or 15. But I'm finding it hard to believe that, along the spectrum of sizes and body types in America, that this is the largest size you can offer. That your staff has decided that someone my size is an extra-large person.
Let me suggest that you consider changing the name of your store to Forever 12. Because that's the only age group that can comfortably fit into your clothing.


  1. forever 12! Ha! I hate that store, or no, I love it, or maybe I hate it... I share your sentiments. What a great way to start my day. Thanks for making me laugh!

  2. Dang! I would love to be a size 8-10!

    I feel like the world is out to wreck us sometimes. Yeurgh.

  3. That's crazy. Especially since most stores vanity size the other direction.

    I seriously wonder when or how it will end. I'm a different size in almost every store.

  4. Heck...I've worn 3 different sizes in the SAME brand. I've got Lucky jeans in an 8,10 and 12. What gives? It's all crap...and if I do have to buy an XL in something, I cut out the size label and forget about it.

    But is it me or are teenagers way smaller now then they used to be (i.e. when we were)??

  5. Hilarious. I'm gonna pass this on to my sister, who is the merchandising buyer for four Forever 21 stores in Arizona. She is a size O, but apparently that translates as Large.:)

  6. I am with you, sister! You would think that they would WISE up and have sizes sized too big. Don't they realize that every mom in the world would take their post baby body in there to buy clothing just for the boost in ego in seeing their size a tad smaller?

    Kristen, you look AMAZING in that photo, by the way!


  7. I agree with Ali, hot mama in the photo! Who CARES if the dress is XL, you look great!

  8. Ohhh I so know that feeling!

    I fluctuate from a size 6 to a 10 and I always have to buy XL there. Ugh.

    Anne Taylor Loft, however, I can fit a 4 there, and boy is that good on the ego! ;-)

  9. Yikes. Good for you for telling it like it is. That store creeps me out.

  10. I don't think GAP is too far behind this sabotage of up-sizing,,,,i LOVE GAP underwear and ever since i was 21 i have worn a size small in most brands of underwear, so the other day i jaunt into the GAP for my 1 time a year splurge on nice underwear, and lo and behold....i am "no longer a small, but barely a medium, could stand to wear a large" girl! I was so upset i almost left GAP with nothing....i even asked the store manager..."are the smalls getting smaller, or is it just me"....she said, in her sweet 20-something way, "hmm...i don't think so". Thats what i get for having birthed 2 kids, i guess.....size LARGE panties!!!! It's happenning everywhere!


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