Arrested Sesame

Oh, sweet Sesame Street. There is some serious parent pandering going on right now, and it is totally working in my house! We were devestated when Arrested Development was cancelled, but now we can see Will Arnett reprise his role of a narcissistic illusionist on Sesame Street. They are even using the same background music . . . The Final Countdown. I love it! Usually my kids watch Sesame Street while I get ready for the day, but today I sat down and watched it with them, and laughed and laughed.
This was almost as good as the day my boyfriend John Stewart was on the show.


  1. My kids are well beyond their Sesame years, but oh how I wish they weren't - simply because I would have LOVED to see this. I think I may have to hunt for it on Youtube.

    We too adored Arrested Development. GOB was funny but Tobias might be the one who is most often quoted around our house. How often have my husband and I wryly repeated to one another "Let the grand experiment begin!" or said sarcastically "Universe, you've done it again!"? Many.

    Off on a Sesame search...

  2. I saw this one and thought I might pee my pants. Miles was laughing so hard right along with me. Then he did his own magic routine where he would just throw stuff behind him and act like that was "disappearing."
    I Heart Sesame Street Forever.

  3. If we all loved that show so much why did they cancel it? Let's see if I can get my 7 and 5 year old to watch SS again - I wont have another excuse to turn it on until our son is born in January! Heck, do I need an excuse? I love Sesame Street too!

  4. We are so excited. We are going to record it for us, not for Tanner.


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