Another way to chill this summer

Cold Soup For Hot Days

Okay... some of you may already love to sip a cold cup of gazpacho, but for those who've never tried it, here's a simple recipe to make good use of your local tomatoes. This dish travels well and works at parties, picnics, or a quick fix instead of the standard green salad.

6 ripe tomatoes
handful of parsley
2 stalks of chopped celery
1 sliced sweet pepper (if you like)
One large can of spicy V-8 juice.

Put all in blender and pulse slightly until desired consistency. Cool in fridge in a non-reactive, non-metal container. Serve cold.

chopped onion
chopped summer squash
chopped cilantro
chopped chives
chopped cucumber
chopped zucchini

onion and spicy V-8. add regular V-8 and serve with crunchy corn chips!!


  1. Hi! That soup sound very yummy!
    I am from Sevilla, Spain, and we have gazpacho almost everyday of our long summer because we have very high temperatures (around 40-45ÂșC) and gazpacho is very refreshing.
    Our gazpacho is quite different so I would like to share the recipe with you:
    - 2 fingers of olive oil
    - a bit of wine vinegar
    - 1 clove of garlic
    - salt
    - 1 kg or so of tomatoes
    - 1 green peper
    - bread, which you have previously soaked it in water. When it's time to use the bread, you don't need to
    squeeze the water. Some people don't want the bread so they make a lighter gazpacho without it.

    Blend all together: put in the vase the oil, vinegar, salt and garlic, some chunks of tomatoes and peper... blend... add some more, and some chunks of bread... blend... The vase is full? you can do 2 things: you can sieve it so the gazpacho doesn't have mini pieces of peels but leave some gazpacho in the blender so you can continue making it; you can leave the gazpacho with the little peels... Anyway, continue blending until you finish with all the ingredients. Try it to check the salt or vinegar... The gazpacho will be probably very thick so we add some very cold water until it has the right consistency. Put it in the fridge... Now, we add little chunks of bread, jamon serrano, a chopped boiled egg, onion...
    In Cordoba they have "salmorejo", which is a version of the gazpacho but thicker and without peper.
    I hope you like it!!!

  2. Adding fresh dill makes it extra yummy. Wanting some right now! Thanks for the recipe

  3. Okay, I love Margarita! Your comments of late have so much "spice". I love that version that you posted. It just seems more legit since you are from Spain. :)

    I am excited to try this with some homegrown tomatoes!




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