Who's The Sucker Now?

Looks like mommy's the sucker, for thinking this huge lollipop would keep India awake on our ride home so that we wouldn't blow naptime in the car. We don't eat much sugar in our house, and India was like a drug fiend who got a fix and then passed out cold. What you can't see in the photo is that her arms, legs, and entire carseat are covered in a sticky lollipop mess.


  1. Hee hee...it's worth the sugar overdose for the cute pictures sometimes, isn't it?

  2. Adorable!!!!

    I do the same thing to my son -- tickle his feet and make him sing the wheels on the bus with me over and over and over.

    By the way - is that a cover for her car seat? Where can I get one of those???

  3. Yes, it's an awesome carseat cover from Pottery Barn Kids. My carseat has been through two kids now and it is faded, stained, and ratty looking, so I'm so glad to have a cover that I can throw in the washing machine. I don't think Pottery Barn sells them anymore, but they are on ebay.

  4. awesome! I didn't even know they made those. Thanks!!!

  5. I love the way that the sucker is sticking to the car seat... and her wide open mouth... Adorable!

  6. I think that my right arm has actually stretched to be longer than my left from the sheer amount of times that I have been tickling my kids, handing them things and touched them to keep them awake in the car. Seriously!

    At least you have photos that prove that India was not denied sugar her whole life. :)


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