We Got Some Loot!!!

We are like kids waking up on Christmas morning!  We have officially received a little bit of loot love.  How fun is it to get free stuff?  How flattering is it to know that people are sort of watching our blog?  

Okay, drum roll, please ...  We got a box of stuff ... from ... Hanes!  Oh, the glamour!  Oh, the luxury! Oh, the pampered lives we lead!  Seriously? Oh, the super soft and cozy undies.  I think that for most of us, something happens during those 9 months of pregnancy and practicality becomes far more important to us than it ever was before.  So, we LOVE the free undergarments (and socks, and kids' undies and shirts). Thank you, Hanes.

We are hopeful that we will be able to peak the interest of other companies that are interested in advertising on Mama Manifesto.  We have big dreams for what we would like for this blog and we would love to reach a larger audience and maybe get paid (a little) for our work.  And, if other companies (like Whole Foods, and Land of Nod, and J Crew, and Pottery Barn Kids, and Anthropologie, and Trader Joe's, and Nikon, and Cannon, and apple [especially the people in charge of giving away iphones, the ipod touch, and the powerbook laptops], and Nike, and Barnes and Nobles, and Amazon, and Graco, and Roxy, and Uggs, and Pink Berry, and Melissa and Doug, and makers of  fine wines and chocolates and cupcakes, and spa owners near and far, and airline carriers, and anything in Hawaii, and fun shoes, and Crayola, and Honda Odyssey Mini vans (not for Kristen) and Cold Play... I think you get the picture...) want to start sharing their love with the mamas, we would definitely not turn it away.

But, one thing is for sure --  the Mamas will never promote a product that we do not believe in.  We are very much against this blog becoming a place where we discuss shopping more than we discuss other topics.  But, just as we are passionate about sharing our best recipes, our musings, our struggles, tips and shortcuts, we will absolutely share products that we stumble upon that we love.  We hope you will do the same.  There is nothing like word of mouth advertising in the mommy world.  It is one of the things we do best - talk about what is (and is not) working for us.  And, wouldn't it be great if companies also started listening to what we are saying (like, for example we want clothing and swim suits made that covers our daughters' bodies!!!)?  We hold a lot of power in our pocketbooks, ladies!

So, in this little box of Hanes' goodies, I must tell you that there were a couple of items that are TOTALLY working for me! I am now a big fan of their microfiber underwear [it is like wearing air] even though they are called the "perfect panty".  I hate the word "panty".  Don't know why, but I just hate it.  I am all about "undies".  And for all of you "thong" women out there, I wish I could be on your team, but I just cannot.  I have tried, believe me, I have tried.  I am a "last resort" thong wearer.  I am also a big fan of the microfiber wireless bra that they sent us.  It is super comfortable and is perfect for active mommies.  Love it!    

And, now for some Mama love for all you Mamas out there - Hanes & Disney are promoting a "Vacation in Comfort" sweepstakes - there is an opportunity to win a Disney Vacation attached to it.  We MAMAS love us some vacation.  Especially the free kind.  Free vacation is even better than free undies. [hint hint]

Visit this website to learn more about it.

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  1. I got my first free loot last month and have more on the way - it's such a rush, isn't it?

    Hope you continue to be a raving success, as I think you've a lovely thing going here.


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