We are currently on a month vacation in the Midwest visiting family and friends and doing the usual Midwest-y things: fishing, riding tractors, shooting chucker partridges, catching fireflies, eating homemade strawberry pie, slip and sliding, shooting skeet, drinking sweet tea, playing Baago, catching turtles, going to Minor League baseball games, visiting relatives and generally slowing down to enjoy the lingering days of summer. What I love about most of these activities is that they are low-cost and low-stress.

Back at home at the beach, we have found some other fun ideas to make our "every days" seem like vacation. Here are some of our favorites:


Hose plus plastic buckets plus bathing suits plus backyard.

Shovel plus spot to dig plus freedom to get dirty.

Public library. Summer reading programs for all ages and abilities.

Outdoor concerts. Our town has Sunday afternoon venues that are family friendly in an outdoor amphitheater at the pier.

$20 and under:
Bike ride along the beach. Stop at our favorite spot for shaved ice and strips with cheese.

Movie Theaters offer summer incentives for movie goers with children where tickets are between free and $2 dollars. For a family of five, bring some of your own snacks and splurge on a big tube of popcorn. All for under $20.

Blockbuster has family movies for rent @ 1.99. Fun to catch up on some old school entertainment like Beethoven, Bernstein Bears, and Richard Scarry.


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