TALK BACK: Making Concessions

Pick your battles. It's cliche, but it's good parenting advice. I've been finding myself making some concessions lately.

- I always wanted my kids to develop a taste for sprouted bread, so it's all I ever gave them. Consequently, my kids have never really liked bread. I will admit, sprouted bread can resemble cardboard, and I got tired of the untouched sandwiches at my house. So for the sake of the sandwich, I am now buying the softest, yummiest wheat bread I can find. And they are eating it up!

- My son eats a corndog for breakfast most mornings. It is a vegan corndog, but it is still kind of embarrassing when he tells people what he had for breakfast. He doesn't like most breakfast foods and yet he gets cranky by 10am if he hasn't eaten. So whatever works.

- My daughter is still protesting the fact that we switched from bottle to sippy cup last month. She will drink her milk out of the sippy cup, but she won't do it in front of me. So I've taken to putting her in bed with the sippy cup, despite every dentist and pediatrician's warning against it. I figure we'll figure it out soon enough, but for now, bedtime peace prevails.

- Even though I said I would never do this, I offer a treat if my kids are good in the grocery store

What concessions to you make as a mom? What battles do you decide not to fight?


  1. SO MANY!!! For my 15 month old, bringing her blanket to church so she won't freak out when I drop her off, letting her have sweeter cereal for breakfast than I would have let her sister at that age, and letting her brush her own teeth since she screams bloody murder if we hold the tooth brush. For my 3 year old, letting her change clothes several times a day, hold the remote while her show is on, and wearing her not as cute sandals with her super cute dresses even though we have a nice pair that matches better.

    As far as the milk in the bed issue, we had a spell of that too for a few months after our second daughter was born. It was hard to break. We finally instituted a "no milk after your teeth are brushed" rule. So she would drink it all through jammies and whatever else, but the cup went away after that. It was still really hard, but after several months of milk in bed it was just time. It is kinda funny that your daughter won't drink in front of you though.

  2. I used to bribe my son with a hot wheels car if he was good in Target. I bribed him with a pack of Smarties when he was toilet training. Unless we're going somewhere really nice, I let my 6 y.o. daughter dress herself - trust me, her combinations are interesting to say the least (thankfully, she has to wear a uniform to school). I know there are so many more.

  3. I threaten and bribe my kids shamelessly. Listen or no treat! Clean up that mess or we're not going to the library!

    I keep thinking there has to be a better way, but I don't have the energy or smarts to figure it out!

    It's all about concessions, I find. Great post!

  4. I thought I could really keep it to only one 30 minute PBS program per day. HA!!! Some days it's more like four.
    I thought I wouldn't let my children eat in the living room, only at the table. HA!!!
    I thought I would lay down the law at bed-time, letting them cry for a bit so as to show them I was the boss and they couldn't manipulate me. HA!!! Sometimes I go back into Miles' room five times to "compromise."

  5. The PACIFIER!!! My son is 2 1/2 and it is soooo time to give up the paci-crack/cocaine. He only gets to have it at bedtime and naptime, but he loves his "Taci" sooo much. We recently got a bit of a lecture from the dentist about how he is on the verge of having an overbite. She strongly encouraged me (read: Shamed me) to get him off of it asap.

    And, yet, it just feels like so much work!

  6. Oh, and also THE NON-MATCHING CLOTHING battle. I only lay down the law when I think photos are going to be taken and the lack of matching clothing will detract from the photo, or if I think my child might get made fun of. Most days the sheer amount of pink kind of makes all the different prints go together in a weird Cindy-lauperish way anyway.

  7. Eating only the marshmellows out of the Lucky Charms because my son doesnt like the "Cheerios" otherwise known as the un-marshmellow parts of Lucky Charms... he wont eat anything else for breakfast... except doughnuts of course.

  8. I'm new to this blog and am catching up. I wanted to respond to Ali's comment about the pacifier. The way my friend weaned her son from his pacifier was to cut the tip off them and then tell him, "Uh-oh, they are broken. We'll have to throw it away." Then of course she didn't buy another. Just a suggestion that may sound workable to you.

  9. Hi Gwen! Thanks for that tip. I have another friend that worked for. We said good bye to the paci last week and it went much better than I expected. We talked about it and read a book about it ("Bye-Bye Pacifier") the week prior. The first night that Callen went to bed without it, he cried for about 30 minutes off and on, and kept asking for it. We would just go in his room, tell him we love him, and that we were all done with taci. My husband tickled his belly (softly, it was bedtime after all) for about 5 minutes and talked to him and then he was okay. Naptime the following day he sort of struggled to go to sleep without his "Sleep Prop", but after about 30 minutes of wandering around his crib, he conked. He is now totally over it.

    I sometimes am amazed at how easily these things go when I am expecting them to be a lot of drama!



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