Oh Yeah, The Other Kid

I mentioned that we worked really hard to prepare my fireworks phobic 3-year-old so he wouldn't freak out during the 4th of July fireworks show. We worked up to watching actual fireworks in the front yard. Yes, he is wearing a helmet (his decision), and yes, he has his hands over his ears. But our hard work has paid off: he watched several fireworks without screaming. Success!

Um, one minor detail I forgot to address in all my earnest 4th of July planning. I HAVE ANOTHER CHILD. A toddler. In my efforts to placate Jafta's fears, I completely overlooked India's feelings on loud, brighly colored explosions in the front yard. She took one look at those fireworks and began a freak-out meltdown that could be heard from several blocks away. There was screaming and gnashing of teeth. I have never seen my daughter so upset. I still have the claw marks on my arms. In between her shrieking, she was sobbing, "too scary, too scary, too scary". She was completely traumatized.



  1. omg kristen, you are killing me! :D next year, complete success? fingers crossed! :D

  2. We are the same person! I worked all day with preparing Logan (4 year old who over the past few halloweens has been very anxious and scared of fireworks). We talked about them, colored pictures of them, made pretend fireworks by clapping and then making jazz hands, etc. She was good. Golden. Sat through the entire thing, even though they were right above our heads and were so loud you could feel them shaking your inner organs. Callen on the other hand, my two year old, heard the first "BOOM" and made the loudest, blood curdling scream, and then began to cry over and over with these words: "Fi- wooks scawy, Fi-wooks scawy".

    He and I enjoyed a nice cuddle inside on the couch during the entire fireworks show. I am not going to say I minded a whole lot. He does not sit still much these days and to have him clinging to me and patting my arm saying, "Mama, i wuv you, mama" kind of made my day.

  3. and I just realized I wrote "halloween" instead of "4th of july".

    coffee, please. :)


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