Job Jars

This idea comes from Megan at her blog And Everything Nice . . . .

Last week when my visiting teacher came over I was telling her about summer plans. I told her that I hate it when my kids feel like they can lay around all morning and we don't get going until late morning. So she gave me this fantastic idea. Thanks Jane Anne! Each girlie has their own jar and their own color they picked. Next we colored with a marker one end of a popsicle stick. On the other side we wrote a "to do" that the girls need to complete before they can be able to go play outside, jump on the computer or hang with friends. After they complete a job they can flip the popsicle stick over. As soon as they are done and all the sticks are flipped over then they can play, go outside or whatever.

Jars or cups (found the jars at the grocery store)
big popsicle sticks
Option: have kids decorate the jars with stickers and labels

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