Give Your Lunch a Little Bling...

A few weeks ago we posted about "Muffin Tin Mondays". -Such a fun and easy idea that we got from another blog for changing things up at lunch and giving your kids an opportunity to try new foods. We have done a couple of Muffin Tin meals since then and the biggest hits are the ones where the kids get to create their own sandwich, or I guess, it is actually them decorating their toast. Last week we had toast in the shape of a bear [Build-A-Bear] that they got to decorate with hummus and carrots and peas and string cheese. This week we did heart shapes and they got to decorate with peanut butter, jam, grapes, carrot sticks, string cheese, peas (and, yes, they are frozen sweet peas, because those are the only ones my kids will eat!) and diced peaches.

They get so excited about lunch on these days, and they actually eat just
 about everything on their muffin tins! We have a lot of fun talking during our meal about where their "toast characters" are from, what their names are, and how they spend their time.

This is what Logan came up with today:

-Meet "Hearty", aka "Jewel", and "Hearty Toasty Girl".

-She comes from the land of "Heartland". [I am wondering if that means Kansas]

-In her free time she likes giving hugs and telling people she loves them.

Very original, I know.  I am hoping that over time the plot for these characters will thicken.  But, for now, this is something I am sure your kids would enjoy too!


  1. SO CUTE! I can't wait to try this.

  2. If you do try it and come up with other ideas, share them! It is such a great format, and I want to keep doing it.


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