Get Smarter While Curbing Someone's Hunger

I totally tip my hat to this father, John Breen, who created, a non-profit online vocabulary quiz that gives 20 grains of rice to someone in need for each word defined correctly.  (Rice is paid by advertisers and distributed by The UN's World Food Program). 

The more words you get right, the more you help one of the 25,000 people who could die from hunger each day.  It won't be easy, though.  It was created so that the program gets more difficult with each correct answer.  Let that fuel your competitive spirit!

Oh, and FYI, this game was created in order to help his son prepare for the SAT's.  Whoever said that men cannot multitask?

I do a little happy dance inside when I see that to date (since it was established in October 2007), 39,857,924,390 grains of rice have been donated.


  1. that was fun. i got to 4080 grains of rice!

  2. I'm going to do this later. Right now I've been ignoring my kiddos for far too long. But I'm commenting to remind myself to come back later. I hope it works...:)
    I did this another time and loved it - it may even make a person feel kind of smartish...

  3. It is nice to feel a bit smarter, isn't it. And, it is nice to be reminded of "real vocabulary". I mean, I love the words, "No" and "Snack" and "Yay" and "Are-You-Listening", but to use "grown up words" is a treat. :)


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