The "Get Real" Challenge

Angel just posted this challenge on her blog, and women all over the blogging world have been "getting real" this week. We want to challenge our own readers to do the same. As Angel put it:

The truth is I am SICK, SICK, SICK of people feeling all alone because they think everyone else is less screwed up than them. It's ridiculous. We all have our times we are flying high and our times we are doing a nose dive. Why do we all pretend? It's all a pack of lies wrapped in a bunch of arrogance. So I am going to give it my best shot and TRY to get real on this blog. This is a get real zone. No bull allowed.

We love this challenge to authenticity! If you are in, leave a comment or a link to your own blog where you are "getting real". Here is mine:

I am online entirely too much, blogging or reading other people's blogs. I'm often sitting in front of the tv while I'm blogging. I hate this image of myself.

I do the "stuff and hide". If someone is coming over, I frantically hide messes in drawers, closets, and corners to try and pretend like I live a clutter-free existence.

If I found a Skittle on the floor of my car from a few weeks ago, I would probably eat it.

When I go running, I listen to music that is very naughty. I know it is inappropriate, and yet I find it helps me run faster.

I often wear the same outfit several days in a row, if it has no visible stains and I've deduced that I won't see the same people that I saw the day before.

I don't wear socks. EVER. It makes my shoes smell really bad.

Mark criticized the way I folded his clothes in 1997. I have never done his laundry since.

I am terrible at budgeting. Mark and I are great with the macro-finances (investing, no credit cards, etc) but horrible at the micro-finances. At any given time, I have no idea what is in our bank account. I don't balance my checkbook and we are usually dipping into our overdraft protection.

I pretend to be philisophically opposed to homeschooling, but in truth, I think it's probably a good thing. I just don't want to do it.

I would be truly happy to have 25-30% less time with my children, and look forward to the day when they go to kindergarten and I get some solo time back. I often feel guilty because we tried so hard to have children, only to feel like we want a break from them.

I get drained being around people. I hate this about myself. I am an introvert desperately trying to be an extrovert.

I wear heeled shoes that really hurt my feet, because they make my short legs look longer. I am frequently in pain due to my shoes.

Every 28 days, on the dot, I have a meltdown about my son's energy level and whine about how demanding and hard he is. My husband pointed out this embarrassing product of my PMS.

If I didn't pay Rosie to clean my house once a week, I think I would be living in filth.

Sometimes I think I continue working just so I can have something that forces me to wear "grown-up clothes" twice a week.

I do about a gazillion things as a mom that I judged other people for doing before I had kids.

Every time I watch a broadway show, I regret not pursuing musical theater. I still get audition notices and keep my headshot updated, as if I'm gonna get back in the game at any minute. Right.

I am crazy about my dental hygiene. I have left events early because there was something stuck in my teeth and I needed to go home and floss.

I refuse to get a minivan because I think it will make me look lame. Yeah, I am really that shallow.


  1. One of the greatest blog posts ever. I'll just start by saying I'm super jealous of you that you have someone who cleans your house.

  2. Kristen,

    I LOVE reading your posts! I also do about 90% of the things you mentioned (although I have no cleaning lady except me, and I really should fire myself based on the quality of my work;)

    KarenK (HP friend)

  3. Okay, who are you because I could've written that. I really could.

    Seriously, I want to do this on my blog as well (okay, so I'm annoyingly open there and my readers probably know way too much already), but I'd feel silly retyping everything you said here.

  4. okay, so here is my mini version:

    I have often really, really questioned whether I was supposed to have my child. We are so different in temperament, that I actually questioned God ALOT in the first year and a half of her life - Really, God, this kid? I don't get her... I am so ashamed of that, and especially after wanting children for soooo long.

    I am an absolute perfectionist that puts on the face of someone who does not care and does not try.

    I often cannot fall asleep for hours at night because my mind is racing with notes to self and thoughts about the day. Even thoughts of decorating ideas that I cannot stop bouncing around in my head.

    I am always under-dressed at big events and tell myself every time that I am going to start buying more fancy clothes. But, then, I end up coming home with yet another white shirt.

    I have a very difficult time spending money on myself, especially if it is more than $20. But, I will buy myself lots of little things under $20. My husband is constantly saying, "Just get yourself a pair of jeans that actually fit you and spend the $150!" I can't, though. So, instead, I have 3 or 4 pairs of cheaper jeans that I do not like at all.

    I also spend far too much time online blogging and reading blogs. I have a huge desire to be creating more - painting, sewing, etc., but instead, I use up all my free time reading about projects that would be perfect for me to start.

    Right now, I cannot motivate myself to get my butt in gear with exercise. I am just unmotivated and yet, I have a huge value for exercising for health and modeling that to my kids. I also have a huge value to shrink the spare tire growing around my belly. feels great to be real!

  5. okay, here's me gettin'real at:

  6. Kristen, I KNOW! When I read your list, I thought the same thing...
    "Have I been cloned???"
    Even down to the mini-van. Oh, the mom van - I feel like it's just an inevitable mom neccesity, lurking around the corner, waiting to make me uncool.

  7. I love your blog! It is a nice change hearing some "get real" thoughts. It's nice to know that I'm not alone and I appreciate you being so transparent. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Although I too am jealous that you have a cleaning lady, I am soooo happy with my mommy minivan! Not only because of how much easier it makes navigating outings with my kids and friends, but because I know I don't look like I would be driving one. I actually get some sick satisfaction out of knowing that I don't look like a soccer mom. I feel liberated!

  9. Just wait until your parents BUY YOU A MINIVAN and totally expect you to think it's the greatest thing in the world; and you have to pretend to love it... and all the cool parents tease you and say "hey how do you like your family wagon?" Trust me the mini van stigma is true... I can be doing 90 on the freeway (just keeping it real) and someone will be tailgating me because I am driving a minivan and everyone knows minivans drive slow... I have to admit the leather heated fully automatic seats with the doors that open with a push of a button and middle seats that spead so far apart your kids can't kick each other is kinda nice... kinda ;)

  10. That is one of the bestest posts ever. Ever. So true.


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