Countdown to the 4th

We are preparing for 4th of July around here. Our neighborhood has a huge block party, and we live in a ghetto city were fireworks are legal, so after the kids have a parade and we stuff our faces, the adults put on a fireworks show right outside our house.

Jafta was really excited about the party last year. That is, until the fireworks started. Then he started screaming like a caged animal. He was SO freaked out. We had to go inside, but I must admit, even with the doors closed, our house sounded like a bombing over Bagdad that night. It was LOUD, and it lasted for several hours while my son screamed and cowered in his room. He talked about it for months in vivid, horrified detail. I seriously think he has a little PTSD about it.

So now we are doing what we call, in the world of psychology, systematic desensitization. We talk about the fireworks. A lot. We look at pictures of fireworks. We read books about fireworks (our favorite is Olivia Forms a Band). And now, we've moved up to watching movies of fireworks on YouTube.

I hope this works. Otherwise Friday could be a rough day for all of us.

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  1. awww poor little guy! i hope you guys have a good 4th and it's not too scary... :D


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