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Finding a good babysitter is always a challenge. Having one of our sitters move or take a full-time job has thrown our family into crisis mode in the past. When you are in need of a new sitter, how do you recruit quality care? What is your interview process? Do you check references or rely on recommendations? We'd love to hear your tricks of the trade.


  1. To be honest if mom or mother in law can't do it we just stay at home. Or one of us will go out and the other stays home. We have a few good friends without kids who will babysit and think it's fun, but there is a short list of people I will allow to watch my son.

  2. I have posted an ad in our church classifieds and the local university's classifieds and interviewed people who have responded. My kids do best when they are with someone that they know really well, so that usually leaves me with attaching myself to one sitter and then being in crisis mode when she is unavailable. A good sitter is like pure gold!

  3. I try to snatch people from the church nursery or preschool that my kiddos have attached too. I currently use a daughter of the nursery coordinator. I am not 100 percent comfortable, but what's a girl to do? My hope is to grab her young and then have her watch my kids for the next several years while she is in high school. I am not entirely comfortable with anyone with my kids, but that is a "me" issue.

  4. If you live in or near a university town, some of the best babysitters are the girls (or boys) who are getting their teaching degree. They relish the hands on experience of working with little kids, plus they tend to play with them more. I agree with anon above. Put a flyer or something up at the university education dept. Also if you have a MOMS club in your area, a lot of them organize co-ops, so if you need to leave your kids for a time you will be leaving them with another Mom with children for yours to play with and then, you pay her with a coupon for her to use at another time on you.


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