Sweet Idea for Father's Day Gift

I found a great idea from this month's Wondertime magazine.  It is called a "That's What I Like" Keepsake.  And it is basically a list of things that your child likes or a list of your child's favorite things (in their language).  It makes a really perfect Father's Day gift, or birthday gift for anyone who loves your kid as much as you do (daddies, grandmas, grandpas, etc...).  Remember, Father's Day is just a week away!  

This project reminds me of those sweet cards that come home from preschool on Mother's Day that the kids have dictated to the teachers.  There is nothing more precious!  Last year at Mother's Day my sister got a card that said, "My Mom is as beautiful as ...  a fried egg!"  -If you only knew how much my nephew LOVES fried eggs you would know that this is about the highest compliment he could ever give her.

Wondertime suggested making this into a keepsake frame, but you could also just use this format to make a special card for Dad on his big day!  


-Notepad and pencil for jotting down the answers
-1 picture frame with a nice mat inside
-1 sheet of heavy cardstock or nice paper to fit inside the frame
-a fine point pen to write down the answers on the paper for the frame if you choose to not use a computer and printer 

1.  After you've collected the list of your child's favorite things, described in his own words, decide which responses you like best and which are the most representative of life as you know it.  Edit it down to a list of 5 - 10 items.
2. Transcribe the list you've created onto your paper (use your mat to trace how big the space is on the paper to work with).  Be sure to include a title ("My Favorite Things" or "My Favorite Things About Papa" works well), your child's name (it would be super cute if they could sign it themselves), and the date.  
3.  Assemble the frame and, presto, a treasure has been made!

Questions that you can use as prompts are:

-"Tell me some things you like"
-"What is your favorite part of: your room/nature/the day/etc?"
-"What is the best dinner you have ever had?" or "What do you like to eat every day?"
-"What do you like to do with your friends?"
-"What games do you like to play?"
-"What are you really, really good at?"
-"What is Daddy really, really good at?"
-"What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?"
-"How tall is Daddy?" or "Daddy is as tall as ... "

The final product of Alexandra Kennedy, the author of this article, was this:
I am going to do this with my kids for my husband and I will share their "poems" in the comments section of this post.  Share your poems with us!  We will be watching and reading the comments.  On June 14th, the day before Father's Day, we will choose a winner randomly.  What will you win, you ask?  How about a sweet little care package from these mamas to that winning mama!  

Now go chase down those kids with your notepad and pencil!



  1. Things That I Like...
    by Logan {4 years old}

    I like flowers.
    I like games.
    I really like pink.
    I like ponies. -Especially pinkie pie.
    My favorite thing to do with Papa is playing silly things, like get your buns and what if I want kisses.
    I like to run and chase him with Buddy.
    I like to watch football with Papa and ask if this is basketball because that is so silly.
    Papa is really good at exercising because he can do all the jumps that I can count. He follows directions and the safety rules.
    Papa is so strong that he can hold up things that are really hard.
    I love Papa as wide as the world and as high as heaven.
    -June 2008

    Things That I Like...
    by Callen {2 years old}

    I like pumpkins.
    I like apple juice. And Mangoes.
    I like Queen.
    I like Big Foot and Big Wheelie.
    I like Blankie.
    What I like to play with Papa is get your buns.
    My favorite movie to watch with Papa is Cars.
    My favorite things to eat with Papa is Cheerios.
    Papa is as tall as... Logan.
    -June 2008

  2. Interview with Eliana (3 1/2)
    Here are some of her responses.

    What are you really, really good at?
    - Painting
    What is Daddy really, really good at?
    - Holding me
    How tall is Daddy?
    - (Excitedly) As BIG as those things!!!! (umbrellas above us. John stood and she was exactly right.)
    What did Daddy like to do before he was a Daddy?
    - He just waited for God to make me. (Very true, we both thought.)


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