On Saturday, my sweet husband surprised me with a trip to a Day Spa for some extreme self-care. I have not been in a few years. As far as spa experiences go, this one was exceptional at Complexions Day Spa in Seal Beach. As I sat in the steam room after my treatments engulfed in my quiet steamy heaven, I thought about how I could duplicate some of my spa time in the real world that I live in. Some things to try:

1. Smelly stuff. I think we all need a signature scent. Something that when you take a whiff transports you to a very happy place. For me Lavendar & Jasmine. What about you? Get yourself to any health food store, pick out some essential oils, infuse 10 drops with water in a glass bottle and spray away! 2. Steam. An extra long hot shower my not win points for conserving water, but how about for your mental health? Drop essential oil in the tub first and breathe deeply until your kids find you. 3. Touch. When you get a very good masseusist (like Melissa was for me) physical touch is a wonderful gift. When we spend our days being touched by our kids in all kinds of ways, it is especially important to give ourselves the gift of touch. Spend just a few extra minutes rubbing in your hand lotion. Give yourself a great exfoliating scrub. Soak your feet outside while your kids play and don’t let them put their feet in with yours. Massage with a foot cream. 4. Hydrate. Water plus lemons plus limes plus cucumber. I must have had 64 ounces while I was there between the sauna, the massage and the pure availability of this beautiful glass cooler of infused H2O. How many of us go far too long without a sip of water but don’t miss a morning cup of coffee? Gulp.Gulp.Gulp. 5. Take your clothes off. In this spa, it was 50% bathing suits and 50% birthday suits. I secretly desire to be birthday suit girl. I’m not. But I do enjoy putting on that fabulous plush white robe on the bare skin. Something about it makes me feel very EVE. Very female. So birthday suit or bathrobe, let’s slink around the house sometimes like we are living the life of leisure. 6. Solitude. There is something about that quiet dark room for the few moments after a massage before you re-enter civilization. I tried to replicate this morning. I set my alarm 30 minutes early and then I got up, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, sprayed my current favorite essential oil spray all over me, and then crawled back into bed and laid completely still. Peace.

What are some of YOUR favorite spa-solutions? Things that you do for yourself and no one else? Little indulgences? SPLURGES? We want to give you permission to care greatly for yourself Mama!!

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