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Do you remember the days of exchanging mixed tapes?  Do you remember the feeling as you sat back to listen to music that was chosen just for you, and waiting with anticipation as each song ended to hear what would be next?  

My music loving and musician husband has introduced me to something utterly fabulous that sort of reminds me of the magical "mixed tape". It is called Pandora and in a nutshell it is a website that allows you to make your very own radio station that plays music for you based on your preferences.  Amazing concept. -Feeling in the mood for some super mellow tunes?  Go ahead and set up a playlist based on Jack Johnson and the music that will be played on your station will be from Jack or other artists similar to him.  Want to take a trip to the 80's?  Choose an artist from that decade that rocks your casbah and you will be doing the funky head bob across your kitchen in no time.  Pandora will also choose songs for you that you have probably never heard before that fit into the genre you have selected because they feature a lot of independent artists.  It feels a lot like my very own personal mixed tape making machine! Thank you, Pandora!

Best of all, at least for now, there are no audio ads played on Pandora.  Just banner ads.  Which means that you can listen to music without any other voices interrupting your musical experience.  It is as though they created this station for moms!


post posting edit:

Lucia from Pandora has shared a station that she has created with us. This is her description of the station:

Music for kids...and their adults. It's a nice mix of music specifically for kids and music not so specific. This station is meant to be family-friendly (but no money-back guarantee that you'll like it!). Parents and non-parents can enjoy this fun station too.

"Children's music" doesn't need to be dumbed down or sappy! Smart, sweet and fun music is appreciated by kids of all ages. ;)

You can find this station at:

I am listening to it right now as I write and it does not disappoint! Thank you, Lucia! We heart Pandora even more now...


  1. I love Pandora....I have 4 stations.
    Jack Johhson is the most listened too however I also have Newsboys, Sugarland, and Linkin Park depending on my moods. It makes my workday go by sooo quick.

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  3. i forgot to mention that if you set up a station with "Dan Zanes & Friends" that it plays cool kids' music that won't drive you totally crazy.

  4. I love the Dane Zanes idea! I've been trying to figure out how to make a kid's playlist.

    Now if only they would make Pandora for the car . . .

  5. Pandora was an absolute blessing! I set it up about a year ago at work and listened to great music all day long and learned about some great new artists I had never heard of. However, about 4 months ago my account started no longer working and all I could hear were a bunch of voices (kind of sounded like I was in a crowded coffee house). It has never worked for me since. I wonder if they boot you off after so long of getting free music??

  6. Speaking of mix tapes, check out It's an archive of mix tapes submitted by readers, along with the stories of the relationships that inspired the mixes.

    And Pandora rules. I was a big Launchcast user (my husband used to work for them), but I'm a convert.

  7. Mamas -

    Thanks for listening to Pandora! It's great to have you.

    Here's a station I made that has some interesting children's music on it, but without being baby-ish or driving parents crazy.

    (Don't forget to enable the explicit lyrics filter just in case a wild card comes along!)

    Brooke -
    You can listen to Pandora for free as long as you like! Sounds like the problem might be related to your IT department at work? You could write a quick email to and they'll troubleshoot with you!

    Lucia, from Pandora
    (Lucia AT pandora dot com)

  8. Lucia-

    You are awesome! Thanks for sharing that link with us. I am going to add it to the original post.
    I have been searching a ton of children's artists to see if I could get a children's station. You guys should add Laurie Berkner and Milk Shake...they are good ones.

    I am listening to this station that you made right now and I love it for me!!! Thanks.


  9. This is the new favorite pandora playlist at our house:

    james brown + jackson 5 + bee gees + abba

    I love it, the kids love it!


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